Criterion Games Dev Shows off BLACK 2 ‘Target X’ Video Frames, Re-Confirms “No. We’re not Doing it”

Alex Ward, Creative Director at Criterion Games, is a very active tweeter over on his account, telling us all about a cancelled Road Rash, the fact that a new Burnout isn’t in development, and more last week. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1625d ago

While not the best PS2 shooter, Black sure was memorable.

starchild1625d ago

While not the best shooter on Xbox and PS2, Black sure was memorable.

dbjj120881625d ago

They're not doing another racing game next, so if it's not Black 2 I hope it's something other than a shooter. Their sense of speed is second to none, so maybe they could help DICE out with Mirror's Edge?

Mr-SellJack1625d ago

Saw this earlier,wish it happened.It kinda reminds me of killzone.
Looking forward with what criterion comes up with

Spacemagic1625d ago

Black is my favorite fps of all time. Please Criterion, please.

Aceman181625d ago

man i hope they do a sequel to black, it was also my favorite FPS last gen.

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