Nvidia's Shield Android-Based Console is Here, Move Over Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Nvidia gives its fans a treat. The company recently released their Android-based Shield handheld gaming console. It may have a different format than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but it surely provides gamers another gaming device alternative. Can Nvidia Shield be the game changer?

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xHeavYx1812d ago

"move over Xbox One and PS4"

ShugaCane1812d ago

"Android-based Shield handheld"

Woow, now that's appealing, right ?? lol

zeal0us1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I don't think the person who made the title actually read their piece.

"We don't consider Shield a console Bryan Del Rizzo, Nvidia senior PR manager of consumer products, said in an email to NBC News"

Look like someone was fishing for hits with that title.

HammadTheBeast1812d ago

Lol. This is what they used to say about the Ouya. Talk about console-killer, right?

Axonometri1812d ago

Yea, um... Sorry, but I would get a X1 long before considering this. Hell I would buy two tablets before this. Hundreds of dollars for a paper weight makes the X1 and PS4 want to move over? LOL

Nvidia, why would I want to stream my incredible looking PC games down to a 5 inch lower res screen? I can take a break without needing the game in the dump with me.

adorie1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Shield does have potential, but for now, it's time to point and laugh at the 2nd half to the title of this article.

badz1491812d ago

"Nvidia gives its fans a treat"

more like an insult! can only stream Steam game locally and limited to 720p and a controller?? don't they know that if pc gamers really want use controllers, they would just go play on consoles instead? stupid nVidia!

Mounce1811d ago

My first reaction to reading the title was just simply:



X1 & PS4: "No."

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iamnsuperman1812d ago

I have no idea what Nvidia was thinking with this. I can't see a usable market for this. I hope they are more intelligent than I, clearly, think I am but I don't know

Kurylo3d1812d ago

Well it easily beats the current hand helds on the market espeacially how it allows you to play your desktop pc games on it over network... lots of cool features, but the problem is will anyone bite. Developer or customer.

HammadTheBeast1812d ago

Not really.... for $1000 you could make a very capable gaming laptop, this won't ever compete with the 3DS and Vita.

Kurylo3d1812d ago

shit for 700 you can get a powerful gaming laptop lol.

ginsunuva1812d ago

What do $1000 and $700 have to do with anything?

Williamson1812d ago

Only an idiot would make a statement like that!

Pancit_Canton1812d ago

Just like Ouya. This console will disappear without even trying.

xer01812d ago

It will disappear like a fart in the wind.
Hardly anyone will take notice...

Besides mobile and IP licensing, I'm not sure how nVidia will do this decade.

Kurylo3d1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Ouya sold out you know. Just saying...

Dno1812d ago

no its not lol I saw some at best buy.

Kurylo3d1812d ago

i meant when it was released.

hazardman1812d ago

I gotta give it to Maria on the sarcastic title. Good one!!

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