Horror & Suspense Returns In Shadow of the Eternals [DEVELOPER INTERVIEW] | Shogun Gamer

Ian Fisher writes: The team at Precursor Games are striving to adapt the core elements of the horror/suspense genre for modern times utilizing the tools available these days; ultimately resulting in a game that picks off right where Silicon Knights left off with Eternal Darkness back in 2002.

Precursor Games Chief Creative Officer Denis Dyack discusses some of the key goals and elements that Shadow of the Eternals is striving for in this interview with Shogun Gamer.

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gamerman9761812d ago

This game looks incredible, i am so excited for it.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1811d ago

I am very excited for this game. It sounds like quite an ambitious project to develope.

Mr-SellJack1811d ago

I really hope it succeeds cuz
There's a huge possiblity it won't reach it's goal and sit somewhere at 340k