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Planetside 2's Director Discusses Running the Game on PS4 and PC

Sony hosted its SOE Live event in Las Vegas over the weekend. PlanetSide 2 made an appearance, and a few notable quotes were gleamed from SOE's Creative Director, Matt Higby. (PC, Planetside 2, PS4)

BlingBlaine  +   444d ago
Everyone is waiting on bf4, cod, destiny, warframe and Im waiting for Planetside 2!!!!!

Yes PS2 on PS4 will be a gigantic success.
deerain  +   444d ago
I totally agree this is my reason for buying the PS4 I have been trying to play it on my laptop but it wont run so I cant wait. So for me I could buy the PS4 with no PS Plus and games and I would be happy for a while :) of course that probably wont happen and I will end up buying Destiny, BF4 and Watchdogs.
christrules0041  +   444d ago
It's early 2014 release for Planetside 2 for PS4. They said they are trying to get it out earlier but early 2014 seems like a safe bet. If you youtube it you can watch gameplay of it.
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Wizziokid  +   444d ago
It's a brilliant game for anyone to just download and play that's for sure.
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