Would You Buy a $500 PS4 and Vita Bundle?

Push Square: "The concept of a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita bundle has existed since the beginning of time, but rumour has it that Sony is actually planning to officially introduce the chunky combo later this year. A “well-placed anonymous” source has told Machinima that the platform holder will deploy the starter pack this Christmas in North America for a measly $500. But would you be tempted splurge on the hypothetical bundle, or do you think that it’s a bad idea?"

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ShugaCane1718d ago

If I didn't already own a PSV, I totally would. I mean, a next gen console + an awesome handheld for $500 ? That's a Christmas present.

xHeavYx1718d ago

Agree, $100 for a Vita would be a steal, especially if you can end up playing PS4 games on the go

guitarded771718d ago

Yeah, I already got a Vita, but $500 PS4+Vita would be a great deal. They don't have to bundle though. They could do a promotion... buy a PS4, get a Vita for $100.

gaffyh1718d ago

Already got a Vita, but if th standalone Vita remains priced above $100, I would buy a bundle and just sell the Vita on eBay.

darthv721718d ago

remote play on the vita is what i am really looking forward to. i expect to use it at home the most because it seems like you would need a good reliable wifi connection as 3g just wouldnt cut it.

Tethering to a 4g phone may work but unless you got unlimited everything then its probably best to use strictly at wifi hotspots.

abzdine1718d ago

i might get a second vita for this price

user55757081718d ago


a promotion where you get a vita for buying ps4 would be the best way honestly because i dont want to chance losing my ps4 preorder although i really want the bundle

LOL_WUT1718d ago

If I were to get this bundle I'd keep the PS4 and sell the Vita at full price. Then I could use that money towards launch titles ;)

badz1491718d ago

seriously, what a stupid question! my answer is, IN A HEARTBEAT I DEFINITELY WOULD!

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Roper3161718d ago

me 2 I already own a Vita so it's not needed for me. If I didn't have a Vita that would be a steal and I would be all over it.

OmegaSlayer1718d ago

Absolutely a perfect gift.

sincitysir11718d ago

I also have one but at 100$ I can honestly say yes! I would buy another one because of how amazing it is! I dont know if I'd be able to download all my games on it I believe it's only one vita but even so this is a steal

Minato-Namikaze1718d ago

Hell if can sell it for more then $100 i might get the bundle anyway and then use that to buy more games.

3-4-51718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Scenario :

Black Friday is here, you can:

* Purchase XB1 - $500

* Purchase PS4 + Vita - $500

Parents can get two gets a gift, or 1 kid two gifts for the same they would pay for the XB1.

Logically it's not a tough decision, but loyalty "is a hell of a drug. "

assdan1718d ago

Yeah, I would totally do it, I don't know why you wouldn't. That's just an amazing deal. But I already own a vita, so I think it would be a stupid move on my part lol.

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Xaphy1718d ago

who wouldnt buy this anyway? Add also the amount of free games you can play on the vita with ps plus. For 100$+ that is an amazing offer.

UnHoly_One1718d ago

I actually wouldn't, just because I have absolutely no use for a handheld console.

I bought the PSP once when I was going to be out of town for a week, used it a couple times that week, never used it again.

I just don't get handhelds.

Zodiac1718d ago

I would just sell the Vita if i had no use for handhelds. I have a Vita already, but i would buy this, sell the Vita for 175 and buy a PS4 with the profit.

This is even a great deal for Vita owner lol.

UnHoly_One1718d ago

Well that is all fine and good, but who is going to buy your used one when they can get this good of a deal on a new one?

I can't see making much profit on it.

Zodiac1718d ago

I meant sell it like that right out of the box. I'm assuming the Vita will be enclosed in something to prove to people that it is new.

Also, i forgot to add "game" after Ps4 and before with the profit.

I know quite a few people who don't have home consoles, but have had every handheld, so for every one of my friends there are sure to be more somewhere else.

Then you have people who want a Vita, but want an Xbox One or Wii u instead of a PS4.

The profit is out there(small profit) but it will be hard to find.

Darrius Cole1718d ago

I would definitely buy it.

I don't play games on handhelds either. I bought a PSP for MGS:Peacewalker. I never finished it. I used the PSP more as a remote control for my PS3 when I was at home playing music, and for streaming video from the PS3 when I was in the toilet, and for reading comics. But here is the thing. I eventually sold my PSP to my 1st cousin to give to his son (also my cousin) as a Christmas present.

There is value in this bundle if it turns out to be true at $500. If I don't use it my self to play my PS4 games, or any Vita games. I have relatives who would use. Even my mom plays simple video games.

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Mea Maxima Culpa1718d ago

Sorry I disagree, then I could be punched in the balls twice each month with US PS+ compared to EU... one punch is enough for me each month ;-)

InTheLab1718d ago

Don't forget about Cross Buy. Actual free games with Cross Buy...

Murad1718d ago

I wouldn't. I already own all current gen consoles and I'm not interested in the PS4 until all the bugs are fixed, and all the amazing exclusives are fully released. This isn't like the Ps2 age where we know what games would come out because of simple ads, it's more so based on politics, and terrible politics between companies.

nades_all_night1718d ago

What bugs are you talking about? Also, waiting for all the exclusives to be fully released??? Obvious troll.

Murad1717d ago

I'm talking about coding bugs. For example, the Ps3 had some issues when it came out, and many can't remember that, but if i can recall correctly, it had something to do with the OS placing more pressure I guess in a manner of speaking on the CPU and thus causing overheating problems.
Also, shut up. Do you you really think I'm a troll. I own every single gaming console for this generation along with a PC, and over 600 titles. I rather wait and see what exclusives the Ps4 has before i buy it, especially considering when the Ps3 first launched, it barely had exclusives, nor did the Xbox 360, but the Wii did. Also, I'm reporting you and marking you down for being belligerent and trying to start a flame war. People like you need to stay far away from N4G.

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stage881718d ago

What would the price be for UK?

GusHasGas1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Only an idiot wouldn't buy the bundle, considering its price.