Xbox Exclusive Max: The Curse of Brotherhood to be Showcased at Gamescom

Danish development studio Press Play, developer of the multi-award winning Max and the Magic Marker, will be at Gamescom this year showing off its sequel Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Set to launch on Xbox One and Xbox LIVE Arcade, the unveiling marks the first time the highly anticipated sequel has been shown in Europe.

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1724d ago
Neoninja1724d ago

I had forgotten about this game. Looks like it could be a good plateformer!

xReDeMpTiOnx1724d ago

Interesting its good for varietiey especially on Xbox. Platformers aren't really my thing but for others they are.

On a side note that's another exclusive down for x1 that only really leaves black tusks game and like another unannounced one or two

JokesOnYou1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

XReDemptionx, Well its about 18 Xbox One exclusive games that we know about so far, if you ask me thats plenty for all types of gamers. I wouldnt want them to announce much more right now, I prefer to SEE more about upcoming games than HEAR about games that wont be out for 12+,18, 24 months or never like Agent and Last Guardian. .

xReDeMpTiOnx1724d ago

I totally get ya bro. But people can try to bash last guradian but I'm pretty sure come TGS we will see more.

I'm not bashing them I'm just saying. Most x1 games don't interest me much personally.

georgeenoob1724d ago


They said 15 exclusives first year, not announced. You're basically assuming that every exclusive MS announced will be out in a year, which I hope is actually true.

greenyboi1724d ago

This game looks interesting !! Might
See if I can pick up the first one for cheap on xbla !!

Spurg1724d ago

DAMN...I actually forgot about that game.

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