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WWE 2K14: First JBL Screenshots + Update about Cars in Entrances

WWE 2K14: First JBL Screenshots + Update about Cars in Entrances (PS3, WWE 2K14, Xbox 360)

Geovanny  +   601d ago
JBL is a douchebag.
-EvoAnubis-  +   600d ago
He's a heel; he's supposed to be. IRL he's actually a pretty cool guy.
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desertpunk86  +   600d ago
whats so special about 2k14?in wwe 13 we had the attitude era and that's the only reason i bought the game,so whats going on with this one!?
BALLARD32  +   600d ago
No one knows yet. 2K aren't doing a very good job of marketing the game. It's comes out in just a couple short months and all they've shown is a small chunk of the roster.
TheMadStork83  +   598d ago
2K Sports is doing just fine marketing this game, considering they didn't get the rights to start making the game until February.

THQ didn't release much information when they owned the game until SummerSlam weekend, and after.
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