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As of July 29th, the embargo on Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown was lifted by Atlus and the reviews began pouring forth. While most reviews judged the game solely on the merit of the games mechanics, controls and 2D heritage, several media outlets opted to use the title's art style to grandstand their own personal opinions regarding tropes in gaming. ++Good Games took offense to sites that would resort to pushing an agenda at the expense of Vanillaware's decade long development and thus the "Rant-view" was born.

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FlameHawk1841d ago

It's not cross buy, only cross save.

Drithe1841d ago

This game has cross save? Are you sure?

FlameHawk1841d ago

@ Drithe, yes but it's so stupid because you would need to spend $100 to use it.

sdozzo1841d ago

Haha sorry. We all wish.

1841d ago
DoublePlusGoodGames1841d ago

Dragon's crown site states that both PS3 and Vita version supports online mulitplay using PSN account and have cross-save features, but the game does not support cross-online multiplay between PS3 and Vita. :(

For online play there is random matching system where you are matched with someone who has a similar level as you. We've been able to test that out with Japanese players who have had the game since last week and it has been awesome.

Williamson1841d ago

So glad this game comes out in a couple of days, Vita version will be the one I get.

Aceman181841d ago

thats the version i bought it for as this is perfect for gaming on the go.

Williamson1841d ago

I agree! From what I've seen its similar to muramasa but with at least 10x more content.

DoublePlusGoodGames1841d ago

The Vita version of this game is absolutely phenomenal. You can't go wrong with this and (as Willamson points out) Muramasa. Both exceptional titles on that system.