The Last of Us creators react to critics of game’s female characters (exclusive interview)

This interview has story spoilers.
Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is burning up the charts and will likely be one of the most successful PlayStation 3 exclusive video games of all time.

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Sadie21001659d ago

I liked Ellie! One of my favorite female characters in forever. She's a little *too* vicious with the knife, though.

CaptainYesterday1659d ago

Yeah Ellie has become one my favourite video game characters of all time :)

Tdmd1659d ago

Yup, last time I cared so much about a gaming female character, was with Claire Redfield, in Code Veronica - almost 13 years ago! Ellie is an incredible achievement. Nearly impossible not to care for her as soon as she shows up.

PopRocks3591659d ago

Considering the world she had to survive in, who could blame her for being so aggressive with the knife?

PeEsFour1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

She grew up in a military quarantine on a horrible world and you blame her for being so aggresive with her knife? lol.

adorie1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Ellie is one of my favorite characters of any medium. It would be nice if she's still around for a sequel. I'd like to see her a bit grown up and more hardened.
Joel is also a great character. I thought he was the headliner for the game,but once Ellie came into the picture, she kind of stole the show.

David was also a pleasant surprise. I had to edit out part of my opinion on David, because saying anything about him could mean a spoiler.

1659d ago
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deantak1659d ago

Ellie learned from the best, Joel.

FriedGoat1659d ago

They should be criticized for releasing a censored multiplayer throughout Europe instead of keeping that version to Germany only.

PeEsFour1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

*look at your avatar*

FriedGoat1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Why am I getting disagrees? How would you guys like it if they made the US version censored because of Germany? It would be stupid, so why is it OK for the whole of EU to be?

What's wrong with my avatar?

jimmywolf1659d ago

think people find it hard take your opinion serious when you have a avatar similar too Hitler

FriedGoat1659d ago

Well, that's just judging a book by its cover.
The fact of the matter is, blanket censorship due to laziness shouldn't be accepted. I would have imported from the US if I had known.

Now I have to buy and extra US copy AND another season pass, just to play the game as the developers intended.

HammadTheBeast1659d ago

You're talking about censorig, and you're avatar is hitler. Pretty ironic.

wishingW3L1659d ago

Ellie is the only relevant female character in video games.

j-blaze1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

yet to see a real female that act like a female in a ND game this gen, all of them act like gangsters, punch, shoot guns, curse and mostly ugly looking

Edit: @ ppl attacking me...oh you hurt my feelings xD

FlunkinMonkey1659d ago

I'm yet to see a raging MS fanboy make a logical and balanced comment on a game he hasn't even played.

Just shut up, you have no idea what you're talking about.

SpecialK1659d ago

cool so which girls do you know that are treasure hunters and currently struggling in a zombie apocalypse?

Would be great to get them for interviews so the rest of us can tap into your obviously well informed comment.

I mean apart from all the women in the army who are weapons and combat trained...

Wait and cursing???

Ok new question, do you have any female friends?

j-blaze1659d ago

would be great if Ellie was this character look how innocent she looks, this is the kind of character i or anyone would like to care for and protect, not some ridicules, killing machine badass wannabe brat

FlunkinMonkey1659d ago

The girl in the pic top of the screen looks more innocent than this girl in this drawing.. And for all you know the girl in that drawing could be a raging paedophile who blows up animals with rocket launchers.. How do you have a clue what she's like?

You are an idiot and if you'd played the game, and weren't such a pathetic fanboy, you would know she is anything but a 'killing machine badass wannabe brat' Pffft.

TricksterArrow1659d ago

@j-blaze After your latest reply, it's CLEAR you never played the game.

DigitalRaptor1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Still bullshittin' huh?

"all of them act like gangsters, punch, shoot guns, curse"

j-blaze, meet post-apocalyptic world. Post-apocalyptic world, meet j-blaze.

"and mostly ugly looking"

Not surprising from someone so shallow they can't even appreciate the reality of the female form. Spare me. I've heard your excuses of "Japan appreciates beauty" but from you all I can see is shallow longing for sexualisation of characters. At least Naughty Dog has a grasp and perspective on the diversity female gender. At least most sane individuals realise that a woman's value is based on much more than just her appearance. Most logical individuals grasp that people cannot be themselves in a post-pandemic world where society has collapsed.

Of course you actually believe that all women in games should be stunningly beautiful or they are badly designed. GTFO of here with your nonsensical hypocritical garbage.

j-blaze1659d ago

nonsensical hypocritical garbage? c'mon now, everything i said is in the game, and seriously female characters in ND games are bad representation of females, they don't know the meaning of beauty or innocence...also, not all ppl in a post apocalyptic world are like Ellie or "must" be like her, for example, Sam in this game and the boy in The Road film, you don't see these swear every 2 minutes or shoot and kill anything like a badass, i'm still amazed how can a 14yo kid use a rifle and handle its recoil...getting headshots even -__-

Allsystemgamer1659d ago

It's ok guys. His version of a woman is only what is in a manga. He's never touched a real one. Probably never seen one either from the depths of his mothers basement. His mom it probably a 2nd dad his first dad calls mommy. (And I'm ok with that) I think we should accept everybody.

Ezz20131659d ago

why you still have 3 bubbles ?!
you never make sense and your comment clearly show you never played any ND game in your life

kenshiro1001659d ago

And here you are in a ND article, yet again. Please grow up j-blaze.

Tdmd1659d ago

Three bubbles seems excessive for the likes of you...

Hicken1659d ago

How long are you gonna troll ND articles? Do you even realize how ridiculous you look?

(Oh, and the word is RIDICULOUS, not ridicules. It can't be that difficult a word... can it?)

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