Total War: Rome Character "Willemus" to Join Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

It has today been revealed that Total War: Rome will join the likes of Company of Heroes, Team Fortress 2, Football Manager and Total War: Shogun, as a PC Exclusive playable character in SUMO Digital's popular racing title, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

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RmanX10001807d ago

Are you kidding me? ANOTHER PC dlc update? WHERE'S THE CONSOLE SUPPORT? As far as i know, consoles are getting ONE dlc character, and we dont even know who it is yet. Meanwhile the PC version has gotten 5 new racers. That is ridiculous.

Smashbro291806d ago

It probably costs them the same amount to post DLC and patches as it does to develop the actual DLC. After seeing how much trouble Sony and Microsoft game the Skullgirls team and how much it costed them just to post it I'm not surprised at all.

Bladesfist1806d ago

Everyone knows that the console digital distribution pipeline is slow and flawed.

legionsoup1806d ago

Agreed - but do PC sale for this game really beat out the console sales? Would seem odd to me if it did.

Bladesfist1806d ago

It might simply be an ease of use thing, no idea.

jimmywolf1806d ago


i think they do an by a lot this is the second update they added characters recently

Einhert1806d ago

welcome to the advantages of an open platform

3-4-51806d ago

YES. Total War series is amazing. I keep forgetting Sega owns the IP.

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