Killer Games on PS3 and Xbox 360 #2: Red Dead Redemption

iLLGaming writer T.Ray writes:
"As we approach the twilight of the current generation consoles, we talk about the best games the consoles came out with in our Killer Games on PS3/Xbox 360 series. Our first pick was the Uncharted trilogy. Here is our second pick, Red Dead Redemption. (This game is also available on Xbox 360). PC fans worry not, Rockstar announced two weeks back that they are developing a PC port for RDR.
My greatest fear is to meet people who despise video games, against all odds. These people will seriously demand realism in life and yet go for cheap stress busters like Farmville. My article is aimed at those people rather than those gamers who have spent at least an hour inside this next title I’m going to throw at you. And it is one of the reasons why I still believe that video games not only give us beautiful stories but create a world that is ready to be believed, lived and then analysed. On Killer Games for PS3, I present to you an underrated Rockstar Games’ creation – Red Dead Redemption"

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