The Last of Us 2 – Sequel Wish List

ArcadeSushi: The Last of Us was a game that requires no second story. It could stand alone as a testament to how great an original IP can be in a sea of sequels. But, as with all successful games, there will no doubt be a second installment. If Naughty Dog is going to make another one, we have a The Last of Us 2 wish list we’d like to see in the sequel, before a another clicker tears our throat out.

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Mr_Pinky1842d ago

I think a new location is a new for the sequel. I would love if it was set in the UK where you make your way up the map travelling from city to city

You could start out in London, then Birmingham, then Liverpool/Manchester, then end up in Blackpool, then Newcastle and finally to Glasgow

Cam9771842d ago

Don't make a sequel, TLOU was perfect. Some games just dont - and shouldn't - need a sequel, TLOU is an example of this.

TrollCraftTales1842d ago

Naughty Dog already coined websites for TLoU 2 and 3.. And they said it was not going to be the story of Joel and Ellie, it was instead going to be of another group... Can't wait...

warprodigy1838d ago

Please humour me for a sec and read this completely, you won't regret it:

Look, TLOU is simply "GAME HISTORY", best ever, #1 game in the world until 10 years from now today. In other words... i liked the game. After finishing one feels like their family. I nearly cried when Joel's daughter died and when i thought he was gonna die, but also when the end came not cause its bad but i wanted something more, to reassure me of the next step of this masterpiece. And games this days are like movies; you feel what they feel. And if we'd learn anything about movies is that sequels are naturally inferior to the original(which is amazing i have no complaints). So they can't make just a sequel, but a trilogy, like Uncharted. I suggest #2 should be with them 4-5 years older (Ellie with boyfriend whom she meets in process of game, already lived in Joel's brother's damn witg his big sister, and who's parents are dead) (Ellie's boyfriend and his big sister came to Joel's brother's damn between the TLoU #1 and #2). Everything's great in the damn, no sign of infected for weeks, and life wonderful. Then hell breaks loose as a truck comes crushing through the gates and has its trunks full of all kinds of infected. Its pay back from the cannibal bad guys in the Winter part of TLoU #1 for killing they're leader. Joel and Ellie would go either down to Latin America or up to Canada and Alaska (with Ellies boyfriend, Joel's brother, his wife and their twin son and daughter) (open journey) and at the end they find a boat and head of to Madagascar (of which their are rumors that its a safe haven). I am sorry to say but in order to make the third part work in some way is for Joel to die. I think it could end like FarCry 3, a boat sailing to the horizon (on its way to Madagascar). #3 should be in the UK (Russia, Scotland, London, Africa, Australia, ending in Madagascar) and 2-3 weeks later (not open journey since its the ending and way to long). Again we should know that in a trilogy all bets are off, Joel and/or Ellie (the main characters) can die; if Joel doesn't die in #2. They decide to investigate the rumors of a safe haven in Madagascar (since #2) since they've got nothing to loose, or Joel could already be dead and Ellie goes with unnamed boyfriend to so called safe haven (Madagascar). It'd only be Ellie, her boyfriend, and only Joel's brother's son (maybe Joel). Either way they'd be headed off to Madagascar in an only boat journey but a storm forces the to end up in Scotland or Russia. And you know, they make their way down to Madagascar. And Ellie should end up pregnant some time before they get to Madagascar (but not get the big belly on the way, that wouldn't help in bad situations, wich would be cool to protect her in that but you think that after the following fact. Ellie's kinda the star, we played as Joel and his parts were way better than Ellie's but the truth is, and we all have to accept it; Ellie is more important than Joel, she's the star, and she's kinda the MAIN main character. Or at least it'd look like thay that with my suggestions.

If you like my suggestions and storyline please try to spread the word of them, tweet them, try to get them to "Naughty Dog", anything. And please use my name "Anthony Quiles". I'd really like to get into this project, make a trilogy out of this amazing videogame and be part of the franchise.