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Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X

The conventional wisdom, that Mac's OS X is superior to Windows Vista, is flat-out wrong. In fact, despite much belief to the contrary, Vista is a superior operating system. Here are five reasons why. (PC, Tech)

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TheWiseguy  +   2644d ago
worst 5 reasons ever. Steve Jobs, Safer, runs more software???? OSX runs Windows natively...thats too bad for microsoft..makes most of this list entirely moot. P.S. iMacs are pretty damn cheap for what you get, as are macbooks....:(
Amanosenpai  +   2644d ago
Reason 5: Steve Jobs....

OMG i just can imagine 3 options of why he wrote that:

1) No more reasons

2) He is a complete A$$...

3) Bill Gates

PR0F3TA  +   2644d ago
Reason 5 - Steve Jobs "don't give him more money"

oh yeah... Bill really needs it more then Steve, he only has 100 cars and Steve has 200... how unfair of him

MicroDeath SoftStar  +   2644d ago
i got both and i got to say he has a point BUT osx is still better by a mile, reason you may as? well its the sum of all part which really counts and the way osx works and integrates with everything i do is pure awesome compared to anything Microsoft make . Ohh and did i mention that there computers may not be the most powerful but there os runs like greased lighting as long as you have enough ram , you cant say the same for vista
Kakkoii  +   2644d ago
PR0F3TA: Bill Gates may be rich.. But what you don't seem to know is that Bill Gates donates billions of dollars to charities.

So money to Bill Gates is better spent then Money to Steve Jobs.
Kakkoii  +   2644d ago
Lol wow, 7 disagrees?

There must be alot of Bill Gate haters here. Or people think i'm making that up..

I'm not making it up.. Go do some damn searching and you'll find out that Bill Gates does donate a hell of a lot of money to charity regularly.
ChickeyCantor  +   2643d ago
var " P.S. iMacs are pretty damn cheap for what you get, as are macbooks....:(
":Boolean = false;

wallace1000  +   2643d ago
@ Kakkoii
You are right dude. The Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation is the world's largest charity. They started that charity with $126 million of their own money, it is worth about $34 billion now. Not sure why you got so many disagrees.
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MEGANE  +   2644d ago
yea rirgth!!
vista beats windows 3.1
Amanosenpai  +   2644d ago
3.1 was a great OS for its time... Vista NOT
mirroredderorrim  +   2644d ago
I agreed with you. Bill Gates move to complete Philanthropist has put him on another level than Steve Jobs. Gates doesn't work at MS anymore, he only advices him from the info I've read. He also owns shares in the company's stock.

But is he a BIG player in Microsoft anymore? No. He's just a big player in life now. :)
Thoas  +   2644d ago
Vista is a joke and a wanna be Mac Os X Tiger
dktxx2  +   2643d ago
How is vista a Os X wannabe? It came out before Os X.
Kaneda  +   2643d ago
Vista came out before OS X? :)
OS X released 6 years ago...
Thoas  +   2643d ago
Mac OS X Tiger came out before Vista. Vista came out before Mac Os X Leopard. Do your homework next time before you post.
jackdoe  +   2644d ago
Lol. I've never used OS X, but I have used Vista, and I have to say its stability issues pissed the hell out of me. It is NOT a good OS.
ErcsYou  +   2644d ago
IF vista is so much better than Mac OSX then why are people downgrading there OS to XP and ranting and raving over the internet about all of its major flaws?.... i dont hear anybody crying about MAC osx..

OSX wins because its more "stable"... i havent turned off my mac in over a year " it goes to sleep" and i only reset the system when prompted by a new software install...no freeze's, no problems...on 24/7 with zero issues...can any PC in the world running windows say that?
MicroDeath SoftStar  +   2644d ago
you can do that with windows , just make sure you dont touch it for a year while its on . haha
mirroredderorrim  +   2644d ago
I agree, man. And bubble for hitting home with me, cause I gave away my copy of Vista Ultimate to my g/f.
I'm bound to pick up 3 copies of XP professional since I hear they are discontinuing them soon.
Gondee  +   2644d ago
Because people love to hate it. So many people say bad things about it that the first time somebody gets an error there like "OMG, VISTA, YOU CAUSED MY SOFTWARE TO CRASH" or "OMG, THIS GAME ISNT WORKING"
If the case may be vists fault, wich some times it is. Then it has a reason and it prompts you. When games dont work in vista its the creators fault. NOt slamming them or anything, but its there responsiablty to make stable software to run in the vista enviroment. That ofcourse only goes for newer software.

Im tired of poeple complaing, stuped things like Youtube crashed my firefox, vistas fault.

/vent ( not even gona spell cheak it -_-)
Kakkoii  +   2643d ago
Yeah. XP had a lot of issues just like Vista when it first came out.. But as more updates came, XP grew to be the best OS. People just want perfection right out of the box, Which in reality it should be, before they release an OS.

But that doesn't dispute the fact that it is a good OS, it just needs some upgrades still.

And these days, the internet has become bandwagon central.. As soon as something like.. VISTA SUCKS BLAH BLAH, starts.. People start jumping on the hate Vista wagon and it has a domino effect, making it seem worse then it really is.

It's what happened with HD-DVD. It's sad that this happens.
IntelligentAj  +   2644d ago
I think he means to say in a business setting, and even then his reasons really aren't that strong, though I've seen very few businesses running Mac OS X. Though XP is much more dominant than Vista.
SiLeNt KNighT  +   2644d ago
its true
i agree that vista is a better OS, but this article sounds like the guy has something personal against steve jobs. vistas security is really good, doesnt mean OS X is bad. the hacking contest was kinda bogus imo. stop the vista hating, just get a good computer and it runs perfect. i havent had one problem yet.
hfaze  +   2643d ago
Vista runs perfectly on my iMac... ;-)
I will say that I was rather pleasantly surprised at how well Vista Ultimate runs on my iMac (with 4GB of RAM). I have a copy of Vista Ultimate that I got shortly after launch, but it ran like absolute crap on my "Vista Ready" Acer Aspire 5670 laptop, so I never activated it.

I fired up Boot Camp and installed Vista on an 80GB partition, and it runs beautifully. I haven't done much with Vista other than install Office 2007 and some game demos, but it worked really well.

I primarily use OS X Leopard though. I love the fact that it's essentially BSD UNIX with an extremely friendly GUI. And the fact that Macs are amazing for audio work (Cubase SX, ProTools, etc.)

Both OS'es are good, but OS X Leopard just seems like a more fine-tuned OS. It ran like greased lightning with just 1GB of RAM, can't say the same for Vista... Although Vista on the right hardware is pretty cool.
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Shadow Man  +   2644d ago
Wow everybody hates Vista. I haven't try vista but I waiting for
Windows 7.

Related video
psnDevistator356  +   2644d ago
Wont say vista beats it, but xp kicks its asss!
dexterwang  +   2644d ago
Don't like the Vista vs OSx reasons but my following reasons for
why PC BEAT THE CRAP out of Macs

1. More software. period. I use alot of small programs here and there, like daemon tools, win rar, bit comet and a TON more. Nope not on Macs

2. Upgradibility. Need more ram? or a better video card? PC easy peasy just go to the local comp store and buy. Macs... SHIET gotta research which things actually works with this damn thing, not to mention the extra price

3. Price. I can go out and build a nice gaming pc for 500-600$. Wait can you even build a mac? I would actually like to know

4. Usability. This might be a personal thing. 1 button mouse = suicidally retarded. Also Pc is easy to troubleshoot and custimize, Macs sacrificed too much to be asthetically pleasing.

5. Games. Save the best for last. Don't even have to say anything here

Mac supporter say Ha you can just use boot camp if you want to run your windows programs... I reply please name one thing that I can do on a Mac that I can't do on a PC. So why they heck would I even use a Mac? Save yourself a grand and get a better computer. Afraid of viruses on the PC? stop going to random porn warez sites or opening up retarded emails.

Macs only wins in looks. And maybe steve jobs... seems like a cool guy
PR0F3TA  +   2644d ago
surf the web without an Anti-Virus...

so do i win anything?
Archaeox  +   2644d ago
PC's are more common, that's why!

I only use PC because

1. Im used to the interface
2. My computer came with it

But I have to agree on one thing, why won't Apple let other companies pre-boot OSX on their computers?
Kakkoii  +   2644d ago
PR0F3TA: That's only because Internet Explorer sucks.

Use Firefox on Windows like most people and you don't need a anti-virus program.

Most virus's are targeted towards Windows because hackers know Windows machines are owned by the majority. It's a smart choice. If Mac was the majority, it wouldn't have the aesthetic it has now. Would be flooded with viruses also.
dexterwang  +   2644d ago
Agreed with Kakkoii. Use Firefox.
IE is just craving for a beating.

I'm on a laptop that I've used for a year without anti-virus. And my system is fairly clean. Just know when to click no and what not to open and your safe. Though given I know a bit more about computers than the average joe.

Though to be fair I do have an ibook for 4 years and it never had a virus... but my frustrations with it is why I'm so anti mac today
IntelligentAj  +   2644d ago
Nah ya'll are buggin. I use Firfox and NoScript but I still have AVG and ZoneALarm just in case. You can never be too safe.
PR0F3TA  +   2644d ago
Kakkoii - even with FireFox i don't recommend you surf the internet.

also, i can surf the net right out the box... can't really say the same about Vista. So many permission windows pop up left and right it gets annoying. I know its for security proposes but it makes it so that vista doesn't even trust me
Kakkoii  +   2644d ago
That's because a high percent of the people using Vista don't know much about computers.. (e,g: People's mom's most likely.)


It's gotta do that for the people don't know know a whole lot.

And I have no anti-virus programs and i've always been fine. You just need to be a smart surfer.
uie4rhig  +   2644d ago
Ok now those are real reasons, not the ones the that guys said .. they are complete bullshit!!

Reason #1: Vista runs more software
Runs more software as in has more software, ok fine, but if he means runs more software at once, highly doubt it..

Reason #2: Vista is safer
How is it? that guy from the hackers contest had already hacked it, and just downloaded the stuff from some random server using safari..

Reason #3: It's the money, stupid
erm vista and mac machines go to around 1k... (here in UK that is).. so i don't get where you got that bullshit

Reason #4: The Mac is closed; Vista is open
Trust me, real pc-builders are pc gamers, and they all know that XP is better for gaming in performance ;)

Reason #5: Two words -- Steve Jobs
lol wut? if this was a 'Why mac is better than vista' it could be just as wel "Two words -- Bill Gates".. FAIL!!!

mirroredderorrim  +   2644d ago
I don't know much about Macs, but what I know... is that Imacs are the only thing that can be upgraded, I think the highest end model, and that's not the worst part, the worst part is you can ONLY upgrade the ram, since it's the only thing not built into the MB.
hfaze  +   2643d ago
1. More software. period. I use alot of small programs here and there, like daemon tools, win rar, bit comet and a TON more. Nope not on Macs

Let's see... In MacOS, you can open ISO files by just double clicking it, or there's an opensource app that will let you do it. There are multiple RAR utilities for the Mac. And there are LOTS of BitTorrent clients for the mac.

2. Upgradibility. Need more ram? or a better video card? PC easy peasy just go to the local comp store and buy. Macs... SHIET gotta research which things actually works with this damn thing, not to mention the extra price

While your arguments were valid back in the PowerPC Mac days, that's not necessarily true with the Intel Macs. It only cost me $80 to upgrade my iMac to 4GB of RAM. The only real hardware limitation with MacOS is whether or not the hardware has drivers for OS X.

3. Price. I can go out and build a nice gaming pc for 500-600$. Wait can you even build a mac? I would actually like to know

While I do agree that Macs are on the pricy side, you do pay for design quality. Macs are shipped with components that work perfectly with each other. Anyone that has built PC's, especially when trying to minimize cost, has run into hardware combinations from hell.. Components that just flat out do not work well with each other.

And technically you can build an Intel PC compatible with MacOS X, you just have to use a hacked installer that will install on non-Apple hardware... ;-)

4. Usability. This might be a personal thing. 1 button mouse = suicidally retarded. Also Pc is easy to troubleshoot and custimize, Macs sacrificed too much to be asthetically pleasing.

Well, the Apple "mighty mouse" that came with my iMac is technically a three button mouse... When I'm booted into Vista, clicking the right side of the mouse does bring up the context menu, and pressing down the mini trackball while clicking works like clicking the scroll wheel on a standard PC mouse.

And PC's being easier to troubleshoot? I had a Dell PowerEdge 1800 at work that wouldn't install Windows 2003 Server SP2 for anything... It kept saying that it could not contact the cryptographic service in the beginning of setup... And all of Microsoft's articles on service pack troubleshooting took me on a wild goose chase. It turned out that it needed a BIOS update to resolve the issue. All computers do weird crap from time to time...

5. Games. Save the best for last. Don't even have to say anything here

Yep, you definitely have a point there... That's why I have Vista installed on it's own partition... ;-)
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dexterwang  +   2643d ago

Agree that Macs have better design quality and build... Mac air is simply sick (My personal experience with apple products isn't great, however, ibook- keyboard malfuntion after a year, ipod nano-track pad stopped working after a year also... but I think I'm just bad luck)

However Mac is just such a headache to deal with. Yes there are complement programs you can find on macs, but often they aren't as good as the PC counterpart. I use daemon tools for a reason (cd-mount hiding tech *cough), and regular programs I like to use like win-amp, adware, bit comet I'd have to search for something to replace with. In summary, basically 99% of programs I can find on the net can work in windows, while maybe 10% works for mac. Why limit your choices?

Also when I mention upgrading I mean cpu, videocard, sound card, motherboard etc. Which I don't think is possible for most macs (correct me if I'm wrong, I'd actually like to know)

Windows does have it share of problems, but it simply feels more functional. I find it that most people who uses macs know less about computer in general (no offense meant at all, just not a platform for gamers and programmers) and uses it basically more for everyday browsing, image editing and typing. I love the design platform, but apple really need to open up and allow macs to run exe. files natively.

Like I said before, I ask Mac users to name things they can do on Macs that they can't do on windows and they go silent. I can name a few things the opposite way around.
Bonsai1214  +   2644d ago
rebuttal time..
1. you can run vista or xp natively on a mac.
2. that recent contest needed a script to be downloaded and installed before the hack actually worked.
3. true the machine costs more, but the quality of parts and power you get is much better. plus leopard is only ~100 bucks. vista is 300
4. you're running out of reasons if you need to say this one. Jobs has said that apple is foremost a software company. by keeping their system closed, they can control the hardware and maximize profit for themselves. its good business.
5. you've run out of ideas. jobs is infinitely more entertaining than any microsoft exec.

edit, he also compares security to 10.4 wuss
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Archaeox  +   2644d ago
I never knew you could run XP or Vista on a Mac
Bonsai1214  +   2644d ago
yeah, bootcamp. great feature if you want to play games, but don't wanna worry about the hassle of spyware or viruses.

plus you can run os x on windows with hackintosh or vmware
Kakkoii  +   2644d ago
Higher quality parts?

What the hell are you talking about.

Mac and PC's use the same parts. The only difference in Mac's do them "integrated" style so you can't customize.

PC's use the highest quality consumer parts on the market.. (Nvidia/ATI, Intel/AMD, Kingston, etc..)
Archaeox  +   2644d ago
Is that even legal?
IntelligentAj  +   2644d ago
Spyware and Viruses are only hassles if you don't protect yourself and watch what sites you go to. Ignorance isn't bliss.
Frances-the-Mute  +   2644d ago
5 reasons? give me 50 reasons why i should believe this!
Kakkoii  +   2644d ago
If you actually read the 5 Things. You would have seen what he said. Those things are fact.

1) Vista Runs more Software.

This is true.. Everyone knows that. And if you don't know that then you don't know much about computers.

2) Vista is safer

For that one, there is no true answer out there. Only people who believe this or that. That's why he put the quote from the hacker who hacked the Mac. You can find the story of the hacker tournament through google.

3)PC is cheaper.

This is true. Low end and high end computers are cheaper if you buy them PC and not Mac. This if fact, look around, do some searching and you'll see for yourself.

4)Mac is closed.

This is also based on FACT. Look around, do some searching and you'd know that.

5.) Steve Jobs is vindictive.

Just look at the latest news on Steve Jobs... He's sueing NYC for using an Apple type logo... Seriously he needs to chill. I admit, he makes nice looking products.. But as a person and his tactics in marketing make me have a strong dislike for him.
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2644d ago
I kinda believe your reasons, Kakkoii, like more software and cheaper has ALWAYS been true. And yeah, Steve Jobs, while a master marketer and company savior, is a little too high strung for this day and age. And while Vista may be safer, it doesn't make it any less of a pain in the ass to use.
Frances-the-Mute  +   2644d ago
only joking guys, im a vista/xp owner...but to me these kind of things dont matter
IzKyD1331  +   2644d ago
that guy really needs to get his head out of bill gate's ass........
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2644d ago
Sounds Like somebody has it out for Jobs.

I'll level with everybody. I was a Mac-raised computer user. My mother was one of those militant Apple soldiers that would drop a lead weight on her foot before using a PC. And my old Power Mac 6100 far outlasted any other computer I had ever owned (I got the 6100 in '95, and used it until '02). And back in the day, Mac had GREAT games, (anyone remember MacAddict? and the CD that came with it?), it only got better with the iMac, but as time went on, Apple got REAL expensive.

Anything other than the iMac was ridiculously over-priced, Mac OS underwent a DRASTIC change with OSX that any classic Mac OS user didn't really like, and then the final nail in the coffin was the Intel Mac. And that's when the war was lost, and the Mac soldiers, though they fought valiantly, had lost to the Intel Beast. As entertaining as those hardcore Apple users were, it was for the best.

I still have my old iMac running Mac OS 8.6, but I just keep it for old games and nostalgia. You never forget your roots.
hfaze  +   2643d ago
I can see where you're coming from, but I LOVE my Intel iMac. And I have long said that if Apple was to release a version of OS X that ran on regular PC hardware that it would be a huge hit.

I'm actually glad that they started using Intel hardware. IBM wasn't keeping up with Intel performance-wise... Although a Cell based Mac would have been VERY interesting... :-)
Fux4Bux  +   2644d ago
Haha what a joke
Seriously what awful reasons. Pretty much the sole reason I'm forced to use Vista is gaming.
TurdStationPee  +   2644d ago
Vista rules. XP and OSX suck.
PSMonster21  +   2644d ago
Lol...People who say Vista is better than OSX are just as retarted as people who say the 360 is better than the ps3. Both are living in denial. HAHAHA.
GutZ31  +   2644d ago
I'll stick with XP and linux, and maybe OSX when vista is the only thing on the cheap with software working for it, then mac, here I come!
Ludwig  +   2644d ago
Apple is communism for computers, damm you hippies .. can't you see Steve Jobs is a complete dictator? it took years for Mac users to be allowed to change their own wallpapers..
Dirty Deacon  +   2644d ago
I'd expect a journalists of his age to write like less of a tween fan boy.
This guy is either a) mentally retarded or b) working for Microsoft. Some would say those two things are same. If I had the desire or money to blow on a gaming rig, which I don't (or just a rig that runs Vista right) I would build a Win/PC, but that would be the only reason I would venture back into Microsoft products. In my world though, I need to work and I need a computer to do that work on and I purchased a Mac Pro just for that reason. OS X is revolution in workflow and ease of operation. It functions in a way that makes sense to regular human thought and never compromises my creativity or project focus with drivers conflicts, system errors, incompatibilities, resource hogging, or lame window management. I love that its not "open", I love that I don't have to worry about Malware. I love that my Mac was designed and crafted by Apple with one purpose..... To make my life and work easier. If I felt that Microsoft was going the same direction I would think about there offerings. But that is not the case. I'n my opinion, owning a Vista PC is a form of sadomasochism and I refuse to play along anymore.
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Ludwig  +   2644d ago
Totalitarian dictators also design the system to make your work easier, at first.

The apple government thinks you are too stupid to pick your own hardware.
Dirty Deacon  +   2644d ago
Did you build your car? or did the car company decide what parts would be best for you?
Ludwig  +   2644d ago
In apple's comunism, you can only get to choose from the 2 or 3 cars they want you to choose .. I can pick any of hundreds of good and bad models as freely as I want in the free world.

Hitler had the "people's car" it was cheap and powerful compared to ours, but it was the only one you could choose.
Dirty Deacon  +   2644d ago
If Apple is so "Totalitarian" then why did Microsoft get slapped with an Anti-trust suit

Mac Pro would be more like the people's Lexus friend. Dell would be the people's car

I say technological Fascism rocks as long as I get my work done and make money

sehnen sich Phasenapfel
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Ludwig  +   2644d ago
Apple continously inventend new plugs, file formatations, protocols, movie formats and media standards saying it was because those were better systems, but the sole purpose was to keep the poor apple people isolated from the world...

Making you all believe in this fiction villan of the evil "imperialists"...
Ludwig  +   2644d ago
While I do agree microsoft charge a lot and most of times you are cornered to pick windows instead of anything else, that's how our free world is so far, we all are cornered to play the north american globalization model, to export/import through them using the dolar exange, but the truth is that most of the world economy run independent from them, without their control .. much like windows.

With mac, you are giving away your freedom for paranoid safety and superficial comfort, if they were the big dogs here, it would be MUCH worst.

No System is perfect, but go look up Steve Jobs internal politics towards his own employees...
Dirty Deacon  +   2644d ago
Brother, I didn't post here to debate theoretical power struggles and culture globalization. Thats neither here nor there. None of your blathering has anything to do with an operating system being superior over another. I posted here today to say that yes OS X is better in my opinion. Take your shtick somewhere else, I'm not in the market for crazy at this time.
flappo  +   2644d ago
you're obviously a complete moron

vista is garbage

os-x is vastly superior in every way
flappo  +   2644d ago
vista's not even better than panther let alone tiger

and as for leopard

give me a friggin break

ms copy , apple innovate

and they can't even copy well...
flappo  +   2644d ago

macs have no options?

you've obv. never used a mac pro , dimwit

as for software choice

a mac can run linux , os-x and vista oh and xp

what pc can do that , eh ?

pc's are cheaper ?

to buy , maybe - to run - no way

you have fun with your extended warranties and hidden service charges , unreliability of hardware and software


i've had macs since 1992 , been through the lot from a mac lc2 to a quadra to ibook , macbook , 2 powerbook g4s , 3 imacs and now a mac pro

and called an engineer out once

to fix an apple lasewriter

nuff said
Jen5en  +   2644d ago
Funny how pretty much everything "revolutionary" in Vista is ripped off from OSX. Widgets... sorry, I mean Gadgets, the search bar, live video in the taskbar etc. Currently, I am dual booting between Vista and Ubuntu, the only purpose Vista serves is gaming, everything else I browse with Ubuntu.
Guardian0fPeace  +   2644d ago
What an IMBECILE!!!
Vista sucks, I've had it, microsoft had it working pretty decently months ago and then recently it starts lagging my quadcore 4gb ram machine like its on 32mb ram. I UPGRADED it to XP!!!!!!!

The only thing Vista has to offer over any operating system is unmatched security, but if that means an extreme drop in perfromance, it's not worth it, least not to me.

Performancewise, Vista is pathetic, end of story, that's it, goodbye, THE END!!!
anh_duong  +   2644d ago
i purchased two copies of vista and have been using them (it's not bad) but to say that vista beats osx is a bit far fetched when you know that microsoft is very close to dumping vista.. i.e. vista will be replaced in 2009 and won't be supported by ms within 2/3 years.
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zonetrooper5  +   2644d ago
Hmm I would rather use Linux and Windows over OSX everyday of the month for this year and every year. I know I will get disagrees from the Mac users because all they have is an overpriced computer which is controlled by Apple and has less Hardware and software support.

Also, its cheaper to build a good PC then buying a prebuilt PC or Mac. I can upgrade my PC at anytime unlike the Mac and I have all the software and hardware support that the Mac does not have. Also , whats the point in buying a Mac and then dual booting?

You might as well get a PC and copy of Windows for cheaper lol. Enjoy wasting your money.
zonetrooper5  +   2644d ago
XP > Vista > Linux > OSX

Lol at Applefags...
PSMonster21  +   2644d ago
You my friend must be on kush if you think XP or Vista is better than OSX.
Ballistic Jay  +   2644d ago
You got it right that xp is better than vista, seeing as its actually COMPATIBLE with anything, but i say Mac OS is better because its interface is easier and the system is smarter.
s1lens3  +   2644d ago
This guy is crazy
I'd just say that the OSX operating system is smart, useful and stable.

I got Vista last month and was seriously thinking of going back to xp but I'll give it a chance until the next service pack because it's pretty and I don't want to spend money on XP, but the Windows explorer crashes often and most of my apps run very slow compared to my 5 years old xp. The Flip3d is worthless compared to exposé and the scroll button on dual screen just work in one side, is just plain dumb and pretty. Windows sidebar, is nothing compared to the dock either but I'll get back to work, I could give you 20 reasons why OSX beats any windows system hands down.
FourZeroSeven  +   2644d ago
Be fair, Vista is good at somethings. I mean it helped me decide on getting a new MacBook ;)
Arriemo  +   2644d ago
It would help if the author knew what he was talking about
Vista more open? There is a difference between Vista and a PC. Pc's are open, Vista is not. Macs are less open in hardware (even though ive seen it boot on a quad core, 8800gt PC) but OSX is much more open in its software. I can't even count how many open source projects Apple have used to make OSX. This is the last time I read a blog like this. I cant stand mis-information and lies, even though im a fulltime PC user. His time would have been better spent writting a page about how stupid he is, then setting it on fire and shoving it up his ass.
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Kara no Shoujo Developer’s Flowers Visual Novel Being Localized

38m ago - JAST USA are localizing Innocent Grey’s Flowers visual novel. | PC

PC Remake Of Visual Novel Himawari: The Sunflower Heading To The West

39m ago - An adult version will be available on MangaGamer’s website while an all-ages version is heading t... | PC

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

Umineko – When They Cry Heading To Steam With An Updated Translation

39m ago - During Anime Expo 2015, MangaGamer announced that it’s working on a Steam version of murder myste... | PC

Elite Dangerous Has a Docking Station Named After Leonard Nimoy

45m ago - SegmentNext - Elite Dangerous recently became available on Xbox One via the preview program. It... | PC

Bunker Sim Developers Are Not Happy About Fallout Shelter

45m ago - The developers behind Bunker Sim are less than thrilled at the recent release of Fallout Shelter. | PC