The Future: Console Wars

GX:The console wars. We speak of them now like they were long ago, like the World Wars, the Napoleonic Wars or the good Star Wars. And it has been some time since Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo took open shots at each other. The last 7 years or so have been an era of relative peace. Nintendo carved out its own niche with the Wii, and then comfortably won any and all fights almost immediately. Microsoft claimed the U.S. with the Xbox 360, Sony stood strong in Asia with the PlayStation 4, and they both sort of called a runners-up truce in Europe.

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iamnsuperman1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

This makes the console war seem cool. Sadly, it will just be like this:

xHeavYx1809d ago

Here is the thing about the Xbox being made "for the future"
I don't want a "gaming console" to watch TV, to use Skype or other apps behind a paywall. I don't need to yell at the TV for it to change the channel. I could care less if a camera can monitor my hearth rate. I sit on my ass when I play games, when it comes time to exercise I go to the gym.
I want great and unique games. I want to feel that the company I support will focus on what I like and not abandon core gaming because of a new gimmick.

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No_Limit1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


I think we get your point that you will not buy a XB1 by now judging from most of your comments regarding it. I have news for you, get a PS4 and play beyond. We can care less about what you think of a product that you are 100% sure you ain't going to buy in the first place. Your trolling is getting old.

xHeavYx1809d ago

You care enough to reply directly to me, funny thing is that you get so upset because I talk my mind about the Xbox, yet you protect it any chance you get

georgeenoob1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


Atleast MS is making an ATTEMPT for the future, with Kinect 2.0. Sony, on the other hand, is going to be stuck when the time comes. Cause unlike MS, all Sony did was make another PS3 with upgraded specs.

Enjoy your PS3.5.

xHeavYx1809d ago

You are so funny it's sad. You call the PS4 a PS3.5, yet the PS4 has better aspects than the Xbox One, but hey, I guess 3.5 > 1.
Why don't you explain me why Kinect is the future? Oh... wait, 1 bubble

Protagonist1809d ago

georgeenoob worked hard for that one bubble...
what an achievement... platinum at least.

Thomper1809d ago

And that's fine, but to me you sound like my dad.... "Why do I need my phone to do all that, I just want to make calls on it"

Each to their own.

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reko1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


blah blah blah blah.
enjoy your kinect.

3-4-51809d ago

Why is the media obsessed with war ?

It's like everything is war to them ?

Are they trying to desensitize us to the word or something ?

War is horrible, and consoles in the same market space, does not = a war.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1809d ago

I agree.
I think the War-Talk, if taken to Death & Bloodshed, is excessive but I see more like a Sport.


Right now,
the gaming Industry needs the Big 3 to keep it healthy.

Seperately, of all the 3 companies-
There isn't enough pull to draw-in the full spectrum of people that the other Industries like Film and Books pull-in.

For now, if we want the Industry to grow in influence, we need ALL 3 Companies (plus Flash, PC, and Apple).

shibster881809d ago

Agreedvm heavy, thats what ive always said, sone people like gizmos and showing off things, xbox boys can show off the little gizmos,I can show off the elegant and powerful ps4.cya xbox hello ps4 ♥♥♥♥♥

thomasmiller1809d ago

The trolls think they know everything and they don't.. They don't know who is going to win, no matter how much they hate nintendo.. THEY DON'T KNOW... so it is stupid for them to call the race and say nintendo has already lost... hey what ever helps these brain dead morons sleep at night!!! they need to grow up and get a Life!!

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JBSleek1809d ago

I just want them to end. I much rather debate about the games then the actual systems. It's all opinion mixed in with stupidity and bias hypocrisy.

It is so aggravating. You don't have to justify the purchase of the console you want by bashing the competition.

You will get a PS4? Fantastic
You will get an Xbox One? Fantastic
You will get both? Fantastic

Yep1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Finally, an assessment of the next-generation (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One) without all the BS fanboyism and hate.

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