Review: Dragon’s Crown (DarkZero)

"Great arcade-style beat ‘em ups are few and far between. In this day and age the genre is often short of its true potential. It’s no wonder we get ports of old games with online multiplayer slotted in, because it’s not just nostalgia as a reason we love them, but because they have aged well and are still a blast to play. Just look at Streets of Rage 2 - it's 20 years old, yet still holds up remarkably well. There have been a few good hitters, such as Castle Crashers, but that is a minority. This is where publisher, Atlus, and developer, Vanillaware, have teamed together to bring one of the most exciting, deep, and mechanically rewarding arcade-style beat ‘em ups in a very long time. Dragon's Crown is the game that Sacred Citadel wanted to be, and, as a huge fan of the genre, I'm so happy to see it arrive in English."

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