Jimquisition: Dragon's Frown

Jim Sterling: "If you're a fan of Vanillaware, you may not be helping by pouring excessive scorn on a reviewer who may not agree with you. In fact, nobody's helped when you stop the party just because one person isn't enjoying it as much as you are. Who wins there? Nobody. Least of all those who threw the party."

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P_Bomb1840d ago

Critiques by their nature should be open to criticism.

Escapist gave it the lowest score taking exception with some of the art calling certain images "lazy" and "regressive", while arguably overemphasising the importance of story in a MP beat em up (are Golden Axe, Streets of Rage or Final Fight revered for their story?), so having an Escapist presented video come to their defense seems a tad self-serving.

miyamoto1840d ago

Destructoid gives Dragon's Crown a 9.5/10 so...

but I won't let any one's opinion take away the fun out of a game which I believe is good and fun to play.

Me and my friends are stoked to play Dragon's Crown!

There are genres I like and I can't get into no matter what. Its just that.
but I know some people out there who really like to troll without any sense and create chaos.

It must really suck to be working for Polygon. Getting paid to troll is not really a nice job.