Reunification of the Zelda Fanbase - A Path to Consider

Iran White writes:

Over the past 15 years or so, the Legend of Zelda series has had its ups and downs. Its triumphs and lesser triumphs, but few failures. In fact, if there has been an issue that strongly stands out in in regard to the inconsistency struggles of the series, it is that Nintendo constantly comes up with ideas that people love or hate, and have not been able to find the way to incorporate those ideas in ways that make everyone happy.

Much of the solution involves choice. Which this 'Unification formula' explores possibilities for.

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TruthbeTold1836d ago

Geez. Well anyway, what do you all think can bring the Zelda fanbase back to 8 Million + sales on Wii U?

3-4-51836d ago

You could unite the fan base by introducing a 4th timeline.

swice1836d ago

Sounds like Skyrim. I wouldn't have too much of a problem with that

deadeyes1836d ago

Just please make motion controls optional ! Also some realistic graphics !