Kickstarter Games Could Find Homes on Next-gen Consoles

OnlySP: Kickstarter games often need to reach the widest audience possible. In doing so, extra care is taken to cater to multiple platforms. It does not take long to drum up a list of successfully funded Kickstarter projects that offer Mac, Windows, and even Linux support (e.g., Lacuna Passage, Satellite Reign, Clash of the Monsters, Ghost Control Inc., Tesla Breaks the World). Although certainly making up a smaller market share, Linux and Mac users are being treated quite kindly by the Kickstarter creator base.

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FullMetalTech1834d ago

Im actually a backer for H-Hour which was Kickstarter funded and they are bringing it to pC and PS4. So im pretty sure there will be alot of great potential games for next gen consoles to come.

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