Company of Heroes 2 distributor suspends sales in Russia, SEGA taking complaints 'very seriously'

Russian distributor 1C-SoftKlab has suspended sales of Company of Heroes 2 following complaints over the game's portrayal of Soviet military history, as SEGA says it is taking complaints "very seriously".

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SegaGamer1805d ago

Sega takes complaints seriously ????? yeah right.

1805d ago
aliengmr1805d ago

Heard very few facts being disputed. This seems to be a perspective thing. As in the main character has a very western perspective on Russian history.

So I am not sure what could be done about it though.

VanguardOfCalamity1805d ago

Never played Company of Heroes 2 but I wouldn't expect a game to give an accurate history lesson - unless that is what the game promised...

Ravenor1805d ago

Because video games are something you can cite in a history paper. Puh-Lease, shit happened during World War 2, disputing this with a video game complaining of westerners being revisionists just reeks of plugging your ears and screaming La-LA-LA.

No, the things that happened in CoH2 happened. Just not to the level the game portrays, but that's because it's a video game. When you have two factions, usually it's a good idea from a gameplay perspective to have them differ in some major ways.

Russia, you take yourself way to seriously.

aliengmr1805d ago

I thought that at first, but after reading more about what's being said, its a little more complicated than that.

The problem seems to be centered around the main character's perspective on certain events rather than the events themselves.

From what I gather it would be like China making a game about US history but the main character has Chinese perspective of events. Like being ashamed of being part of the Revolution. Something deep that colors the entire narrative.

I think I can see where they are coming from but its hard as I am from the west.

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