Toys 'R' Us Backs Away from Purported PS4 Release Date

Push Square: "Toys ‘R’ Us has shied away from speculation claiming that it’s privy to the PlayStation 4’s release date. In a report published by BT Games, a spokesperson for the retail giant stated that it had been handed information on the next generation console’s launch plans “direct” from its suppliers – but it’s since admitted that this was a mistake."

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GusHasGas1811d ago

I just want everyone to stop playing this annoying release date game where the release date for the PS4 is "leaked" every now and then, etc. Just announce when the consoles are coming out, damnit...

Rainstorm811811d ago


FlameHawk1811d ago

It will be announced at Gamescom, because they have no other chance to announce it to such a big audience. TGS is out because not that many Japanese gamers are console games, mostly portable gamers and it would just be ridiculous.

sevilha821811d ago

I´m preety shure it will be anounced in the 20th at Sony´s conference for Gamescom,so we all know in a couple of weeks...

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hazardman1811d ago

True that man..MS and Sony acting like lil kids and shit. Just tell us already so I can schedule that day off! Im looking forward to PS4 date as its 1st system im getting next gen.

extermin8or1811d ago

look we all know that at the latest the 13th november date will be correct... earliest will be last week of october also at gamescom the date and any eu bundles will be announced-they are following almost the exact same build up as ps vita had-only that got delayed due to flooding and tsunami's around the factories making parts etc.

3-4-51811d ago

How don't people realize it will be on shelves by Black Friday.

So yea, you will all be able to play this on November 29th FOR SURE !!!!

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legendoflex1811d ago

Don't expect release dates until Gamescom at the earliest, September at the latest. This isn't just a games catalog we're talking about, this is a game console launch. They'll want to ensure they hold back the dates to avoid getting undercut at the last second.

adorie1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

They are waiting for MS to react, I'm thinking. They can do two things. Release at an unexpected date:October 1st, for example would be so unexpected, and unlikely, which is why it's unexpected, LOL.

Then, they can wait for MS to announce a release date, hold a presser, immediately, the next day, or even hours after MS announced date and undercut that date.

Given how MS can do 180 at any time, I expect MS to always be ready to react to Sony, for if they don't, the price, power and growing momentum of the PS4 will make it a hard task for MS to attain the same mindshare they had throughout last gen.

Yeah, I said last gen, as far I know, it's already 'next gen' :P

hazardman1811d ago

Disagree. Why are they waiting on MS? MS already gave us month of release but no date. Sony just said Holidays.. and even after MS 180 the launch window never changed.

Its Sony who needs to give me something. October would be beautiful!

Sevir1811d ago

Microsofts Conference is the day after Sony's I think Given the moment Sony has over MS, Letting the World know that the PS4 is launching in Late October or Early November would be the best way to seal the deal, MS is already pegged for November, if Sony Launched in December they'd miss out on the Black Friday holiday rush, October, the final week is perfect they'd capitalize on Both Ghost and Battlefield and Assassin's Creed, launch with Driveclub and Killzone and clean house with Watch_dogs which is one of the top games selling globally on the PS4 by Preorder charts...

This Holiday Season is going to be awesome, and I will be on Vacation hopefully when it launches so I can waltz right into Gamestop on midnight release with Killzone, Knack and Watch_Dogs... Driveclub and Battlefield 4 to follow later.

hazardman1811d ago

I would say MS would capitalize more on COD Ghost as they have timed exclusive to dlc again. And that is big for Cod player who dont like waiting for maps and such!

Sevir1811d ago

They'll capitalize on the 360, but the Xbox one version of the game is being outsole by the PS4 version. Just like battlefield 4, and Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs

Blacksand11811d ago

Me to i'm wait on the release date, for i can take my vacation to. It they release at the end of Oct Sony will be in a good spot.

adorie1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )


Thank you for replying and stating why you disagree.
I should have said "3 things" up, in my last comment. But, pre-emptive announcement would catch MS pants down again, especially if they did an October release. Personally, I hope they do a November 13-15+ release, as I will have extra money, by then, so that I can buy a couple of games and an extra DS4.

Tossing you a bubble your way, Hazardman.

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Cmk01211811d ago

I think they are going to keep the dates tighter to the chest this gen, whoever announces first is surely to be undercut by the other platform. if sony announces early novmber MS will be earlier and vice versa IMO. they wont jockey after they announce the dates so we shall see. its crucial to hit market early even if only a free weeks with cod and watch dogs coming out in november, a lot of people are on the fence and will get whats out first.not to say folks havent picked their "dogs" in this race just that fair amount of undecideds will get whats out first. im getting both so MEH...JUST HURRRY UP NEXT GEN

Lawndart19811811d ago

There's way too much at stake for both companies with this gen's launch. I agree that details will be kept very quiet until they have to show their hand

shibster881811d ago

Yep tell me about it, just hype building

AgentSmithPS41811d ago

At worst PS4 will release at the same time as xbone, at best sony will surprise us by releasing it so early that microsoft couldn't do the same without rrod etc. How many years head start has the ps4 had in development, isn't it 2 or more?

Lawndart19811811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Sonys in a better position to launch first if they had to undercut microsoft's timeline. No one know where either company really stands on product production but it would appear that Sony is better prepared to launch from a hardware standpoint.... 3rd party devs could force the to launch closer to Microsoft in order to maximize revenue and allow them time to finish development

Edit: left out that Microsoft can probably match but not beat Sonys release date, especially since they want to avoid another launch hardware issue similar to this gens RROD

Campy da Camper1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

From what I've read Sony has FCC clearance already and ms does not. Basically, the final build has been approved and mass production can begin.

Lawndart19811811d ago

@campy... good point, didn't mention the FCC clearance.

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