Be Honest, Does Anyone Actually Care About Indie Games? I’ve been wondering over the past few weeks the following question, does anyone actually give a damn about indie games or do we just like to pretend? I’m not talking about Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo but rather us, the consumers who these games are targeted at in the first place.

It seems that Indie games have become the hot new trend in gaming as of late with anyone not doing their part in helping indie developers such as Microsoft, feeling the wrath of very vocal gamers. I can understand the idea behind helping upstart developers turn their game concepts into a reality but have Indie games become a victim to the stupid “console war” argument between Sony and Microsoft.

From the second they were announced, the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One arguments have really been pathetic. Apparently the key to “winning” is to have more RAM than your competition and announce that your system will play used games, just like every single other system before it. When you put it into context, you idiots online are fighting over the stupidest things. Even worse is that the games are taking a back-seat to the hardware and as Nintendo found out the hard way, shiny glossy hardware is nothing without the right software backing it.

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fsfsxii1873d ago

Be honest, where do you think creativity comes from?? AAA games??

p0tat0stix1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

It comes from creative minds, which may or may not be employed by AAA companies and/or indie companies.

I imagine that with the larger companies comes more red tape before a great idea gets implemented, and with smaller companies comes the potential lack of resources to support a great idea.

...just an idea...

Kevlar0091873d ago

Money=Creativity, obviously :P

Don't get me wrong, big budget games can be creative and fun. However Indies are pretty much forced to create novel, unique titles in order to get noticed and make even the slightest profit. Creativity is free, it comes from within.

fsfsxii1873d ago

Both of you.
Publishers put a chokehold on creativity if it doesn't garuntee 100% profit.

creatchee1873d ago


The problem is that a significant portion of indie games are merely ripoffs of other indies or more popular games. For every Minecraft, there are 100 Blockcrafts and similar "me toos". And how many more temple run or dual stick shooters do we need?

I do agree that some indies are innovative and/or quality experiences, but the relatively few that we have heard about are outnumbered substantially by the ones that we really don't need to.

lilbroRx1873d ago

In the past decade, the exact opposite of that has been true. AAA means copying everyone else and pandering to the lowest common denominator.

3-4-51873d ago


They try. They do fail, often, but at least the make an effort to do something new.

And their failure, is our gain. We should be thankful.

I probably don't or wouldn't enjoy 90% of indie games made, but I appreciate them being made for those that want to play them.

Indie deserves more respect for actually having a pair.

_QQ_1873d ago

you jeed to play more nintendo if you think big games can't be creative.

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Ksar1873d ago

Just a few, but i agree, AAA titles rules.

isarai1873d ago

No, indie games have just boomed for no good reason, and several have become millionaires for unexplained reasons


WeAreLegion1873d ago

Yes. Why would anyone ever ask that question?

Does anyone actually care about indie movies?
Does anyone actually care about indie music?


Cmk01211873d ago

Being honest nobody cares about them on the whole , its the few that slip through the cracks that are GOLD baby. trials hs series, cloudberry kingdom,limbo,journey, thomas was alone, etc are all fantastic games but they arent system sellers. the tech used in indie games is generally subpar and when your dropping 500 bucks on a console its good to have both indie games to kill time and AAA titles to show of the tech and how far gaming has come.

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