1UP Previews: The World Ends With You - In-depth impressions of the year's hippest DS game

1UP writes: "The World Ends With You may well be the first RPG about fashion. Yeah, Final Fantasy X-2 had you dressing a team of lady warriors in job-related outfits, and MMOs are all about earning the latest and flashiest gear. But those games dabble in mere window dressing; the essence of fashion is driving style by wearing ridiculous new clothing with an air of self-confidence that makes onlookers self-conscious because they're still sporting the ridiculous fashions from a few years ago.

This quality is present in The World Ends With You in spades. And not just the ridiculous clothing, although there's plenty of that, thanks to character designer Tetsuya Nomura, Square's favorite go-to art guy -- a man whose obsession with leather, zippers, buckles and spikey-yet-feathered hair are the stuff of legend. No, Square's upcoming DS adventure is about defining fashion, too. The main character, a sullen (but stylish!) Japanese kid named Neku, spends the entirety of the game in Tokyo's hip Shibuya ward, earning money by fighting otherworldly creatures called Noise. And what does he do with his battle loot? He buys even better clothes. And he's a tastemaker, too: The brands he wears enjoy a meteoric rise to the pinnacle of trendiness."

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PS360WII3901d ago

heh I'm liking the sound of this game more and more. RPG's always have clothes that upgrade your stats but in this game it sound more pronounced and bigger selections. The dual combat sounds fun too.