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It's challenging to find flaws in my experiences with UnEpic. Both the graphics and sound do what are needed to be done, yet neither are distasteful nor lacking. Exploring this particular world may not be the most interesting pastime available, but it is an addictive one, and you shall find yourself constantly longing to scour one last room before closing down the game. As an Early Access title on Steam, Meneses is continuing to adapt and evolve his creation, and is most welcoming of user feedback. Taking all aspects of Daniel’s journey into account, it’s difficult not to enjoy your time spent here, and with the additional features of an expanded multiplayer and voice-acting to be added at a later date, UnEpic only aims to become the opposite of what its name implies.

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sdozzo1870d ago

Hope it lands on the Vita. Touch screen would be great.

1869d ago