Assassin's Creed Rising Phoenix Listing Is "Fake"

"Earlier, we uncovered a listing which appears to show Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix for PlayStation Vita. This has happened before and screens listed for “internal use only” have even leaked out yet Ubisoft and Sony have both stayed quiet on the subject."

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phantomexe1806d ago

well that kind of sucks i'd like another vita AC game.

vazurahan1806d ago

Good. Watch Dogs Vita is what we need.

porkChop1806d ago

I would love that. Even if it was a smaller city, worse graphics, whatever. I would love Watch Dogs on the go, and the front and rear touch could come in handy for hacking.

Goro1806d ago

That's very disappointing, i thought it was definitely real when i heard Ubisoft refused to comment on it because if they had nothing to hide they would just simply say No...
I think they probably considered it but canned it.

sherimae24131806d ago

yes, because "rising phoenix" is not the title of the next ac for vita...