Don't hold your breath for 'Street Fighter V,' could take "Until the year 2018"

"Street Fighter" fans waiting for a fifth installment in the fighting series should pull up the comfiest chair they got, as Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano said "Street Fighter V" could take five more years.

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Dunpeal1661d ago

lol i'm not. what else can they truly do to fighters that would warrant me "holding my breath"?

andrewsqual1661d ago

Plus Capcom will be a 120% US game developer then lol. I wouldn't have bought Street Fighter V 4 years ago.
Bring on Evil Within Shinji Mikami ^_^

iamnsuperman1661d ago

So are they accepting preorders???

Tzuno1661d ago

I am looking forward for the ultimate super street fighter until then. :)

SnakeCQC1661d ago

im sure there will be a super duper ultra version of the previous one until then

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The story is too old to be commented.