Xbox One dashboard and OS walk through to come once it is locked down

XMNR: Microsoft is targeting November to release the Xbox One and that date is rapidly approaching. However, there are still things that have yet to be locked down according to director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb and this includes the dashboard of the next-gen console.

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GraveLord1724d ago

Under 4 months to go and it's still not locked down? Time to panic.

Septic1724d ago

This is one area where I think we don't need to panic. MS always have software on lock. I'm confident that they'll deliver a really good, streamlined User Interface.

Also, according to Hyrb:

"That's actually pretty standard for console software at this point in the development cycle. There is a massive flow of caffeine onto the Xbox on a daily basis," he explained."

So no need to panic or add fuel to the fire.

Godmars2901724d ago

"MS always have software on lock."

Which is why they pulled the brilliant move to make W8's UI bothersome to over 90% of PC users? Favored tablets?

MS has a bad habit of beta testing after retail release. At least that's the vibe I've gotten off them since W98.

sarcastoid1724d ago

CONFIRMED: Xbox One resistant to coffee spills.

Septic1724d ago


Well comparatively at least, as far as games consoles go, MS's past performance would suggest that they are the ones that will have the best dashboard and OS. I'm not saying that, that will definitely be the case but I'm confident in MS in this regard.

Sony with the PS3, and more recently, Nintendo with the Wii U showed us how those companies can fall short in this department.

But this is all just an educated guess. Here's hoping for some more info on both OS's at Gamescom.

Queasy1724d ago

Yep. It's doubtful that the OS for the PS4 is locked down either.

In reality, I wouldn't be surprised if both the PS4 and Xbox One receive significant downloadable updates at launch.

dark-hollow1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )


Besides the metro startscreen, which can be avoided with a simple app from the store, windows 8 is much much better than windows 7.

It is much more lightweight and fast, much more easier to use and the multitasking is more efficient and easy to use. The only criticism is the metro startscreen, which can be removed by an app that replace it with the classic windows start button.

GraveLord1723d ago

Yeah, software is Microsofts strong point. That's why everyone loves Windows 8.

GameSpawn1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

The reason Microsoft is pushing Metro on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and what soon looks to be the Xbox One is to have a "Unified Experience". Meaning the interface is unified across the platforms and does not seem foreign to users of multiple platforms.

Well that's all good and fine and I understand their intentions, but Metro has its flaws on platforms that it was not intended for. The problem with Metro outside of the environment of tablets and phones with its touch heavy interface is it runs into issues on a traditional desktop/laptop environment where there is essentially an identity crisis. With Windows 8 throughout your use of the system over the course of a normal "work" day you are constantly ripped back and forth between the Metro interface and the desktop interface (Metro is your "Start" menu after all).

Metro should just be Metro and the Desktop should just be the Desktop and not some amalgam of the two. This disjointed experience is what makes Windows 8 inferior to Windows 7. Again, they had good intentions of the unified experience, but Metro just wasn't thought through well enough to keep traditional use in mind.

For anyone who will be quick to say grow up, change is inevitable, use Windows 8 you bastard, I have used Windows 8. I have to work with it on a daily basis as a computer repair technician. Windows 8 is simply unbearable. It kills workflow almost to the point of a stand still because of its disjointed UI. You should not have to "hack" Windows 8 to "behave" within the confines of its traditional desktop. Microsoft should have released Windows 8 with the option to choose between the two different UIs, as well as COMPLETELY disable Metro. Hell, in my own personal opinion Metro should be disabled by default if you don't have a touch screen, much like all the tablet features are disabled by default on Windows 7 if there is not a compatible screen detected during install.

By the way, Windows 8.1 does not get rid of Metro and bring back the "Start Button". Windows 8.1 adds a "Windows Button" to the desktop that when clicked (normal left click) opens Metro as if the Windows key was pressed. You must right click to get a pseudo Start Menu a la Windows 7. This is not a solution, especially for the novice desktop user like secretaries and receptionists. Power users would have the knowledge of such an inconvenience and would be able to retrain their normal behavior of left clicking the start button, but the average user would not. As far as the professional world is concerned Windows 8 is Windows Vista and Windows 7 is here to stay until Windows 9 comes out sans Metro.

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sarcastoid1724d ago

It really begs the question... is ANYTHING locked down yet on XB1? I'm not trolling, that's a legitimate question.

DinoNYC1724d ago

Yes and No. Sony and Microsoft will say the current console design is a 'prototype' of what we've seen as companies don't like to fully confirm things until launch, but we can speculate much won't change, if at all. At least for things such as this.

No_Limit1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

Daily bashing on N4G. That my friend, has been locked, sealed, and delivered since its announcement in May. That is as legit as it gets.

OT, there are always improvement on software, it is the nature of the beast. In a sense, that part is never locked down and will continue to evolve well into a system's life cycle. MS Xbox software updates are always on que and have little to no known issues so it won't be an issue.

Cherchez La Ghost1724d ago

Must be the same as Windows 8.1 (Blue).

mcstorm1724d ago

This is what people seem to be forgetting. Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 are due out the same time as the One and they are all running on the same core of the OS which in the long run is a big + for MS and us as customers as having one kernel running all 3 platforms will help developers have the games and apps on all 3 platforms easer and help MS upgrade there 3 OS's too.

ShwankyShpanky1723d ago

The One doesn't "run on" a Win8 kernel. The Win8 kernel is for apps, and runs parallel to the game OS, both of which run on top of the hypervisor OS.

mcstorm1723d ago

I know its not running fully on windows 8 but part of it is which help bring windows phone windows 8 and Xbox closer together.

cleft51724d ago

It'll be cool to see how the dashboard and OS works. Hopefully it will be more game oriented than anything else.

WeAreLegion1723d ago

I hope we see less ads on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 dashboards...especially for those paying to play online.

hazardman1723d ago

I dont think paying is gonna make a difference. Ads will be on both consoles. Its another revenue stream for MS and Sony.

DigitalRaptor1723d ago

Don't freakin count on it.

Read: http://www.sticktwiddlers.c...

I hope Sony aren't planning this kind of stuff, but seeing as though their console's camera is not an always-listening requirement, I don't think it will be nearly as much of a problem, if a problem at all.

WeAreLegion1723d ago

Three disagrees. Apparently, everyone wants ads. -_-

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