Nintendo Loses Grip On Home Console Market

Forbes - Four months before Miscrosoft and Sony SNE roll out their glamorous new home consoles, Nintendo ‘s Wii U is foundering. This was the summer when Nintendo was supposed to leverage the fact that it has the only new home console out. Instead, Wii U seems to be losing consumer confidence completely even in Nintendo’s home market. The new Famitsu weekly sales numbers from Japan reveal that Wii U sales slipped below 11 K units in the week ending July 28. During the same week, the ancient PS3 managed to top 11 K units even though Japanese consumers must be focusing on PS4 already. Handheld consoles grabbed 72% of total console sales in Japan in the last week of July as Nintendo’s 3DS hit 55 K units in sales and PS Vita managed 17 K units.

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TripC501839d ago

I hope PS4 and Xbox 1 do well. I don't know about anybody else but if the Wii U is doing bad don't you think the other consoles will struggle too? I don't want to see console gaming end in my lifetime.

gedden71839d ago

Yes all do when they first come out..

CYCLEGAMER1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I agree an disagree with your comment, I too want the PS4 and XB1 to do well but Nintendo has themselves to blame for low sales. IMO they should have road the wave of the original wii and brought this console out at least 2 years ago.

On top of that, when they finally decide to get into the hd era, the Nintendo game selection very low. The wii u has been out for almost a year and only has 2 exclusives I i am interested in. Where is Metroid, an updated Mario, donkey Kong, smash bios, Starfox, zelda, f-zero?

I know that some of these games are coming but they should have been in the works a long time ago while they where racking in the cash on those party games.

I disagree, I highly doubt that the XB1&PS4 will struggle like the wii u is, for a few reasons.

One people will know that they are buying a entirely new gaming system, instead of thinking that these are peripherals. Sony and Microsoft will actually market their consoles. Two the games on these consoles will come out of the gate swinging, and will have even more within the first year without leaving us out to dry.

LeCreuset1839d ago

No, I don't. This was bound to happen to Nintendo with the direction they went in. The Wii was great at appealing to casuals when it hit. The problem is, you can't count on casuals long term. That's why they're casuals. They found a great way to appeal to casuals at the moment they did, but what does that get you in the long run?

AsimLeonheart1839d ago

Wii U's issue is lack of games. Since they do not get the majority of the third party games, they have to rely on first party games alone. Unfortunately, their first party games take years to get completed and released. This means repeated periods of droughts for the Wii U and the resulting poor hardware sales. Playstation and Xbox do not suffer from this problem because they have ample third party software to back them up when there are no first party releases in sight. Just imagine that if the Wii U had gotten the recent and future third party games like DmC, Metal Gear Rising, Tomb Raider, GTA 5, Lightning Returns, FIFA and many others, it would not be suffering as it is doing right now. The Wii U is suffering because of its own inadequacies and not because the home console market is dying. That is just a myth spread by people who just do not want to admit that the Wii U is failing of its own accord.

Movieworld1838d ago

Asim kid. Here is a list of SOME of the Wii games that have been released by third parties so far which will show how ridiculous your comment is.

Assasins Creed 3, Batman Arkham City, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Darksiders 2, Epic Mickey: The Power Of 2,Fifa 13, Mass Effect 3, Monster Hunter Ultimate, NBA 2K13, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing, Trine 2, Zombie U.

AsimLeonheart1838d ago


Kid? Man, I am sick of kids calling other people kids just because they have just reached their 20s. I may be much older than you for all you know. Anyway, for every third party game you listed there are 5 that the Wii U is missing on. Moreover, those games you listed were released early on (some launch titles) and that was it. Each of them flopped and there are very few on the horizon. It is a well known fact that the Wii U has been abandoned by third party.

Here is a list of games not coming to the Wii U that proves how wrong YOU are "kid",

Lightning Returns
Aliens: CM
Army of Two: DC
Bioshock Infinite
Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2
Crysis 3
Dead Island Riptide
Dead Space 3
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Metal Gear Rising
Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3
Metal Gear Solid V
Metro Last Light
Remember Me
South Park: The stick of truth
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Tomb Raider
Dragon Age Inquisition
Witcher 3

There are many many more but I think these are enough to make my point.

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LOL_WUT1839d ago

Time for that price cut Nintendo! That is all that is needed. People keep saying software moves consoles which is true but it has to be right the SOFTWARE 2014 comes to mind...

"The Wii U slipped below 11k units in the week ending July 28." Those sales numbers are simply abysmal. ;)

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