Gamescom 2013 - 505 Games Schedule Revealed, PayDay 2 and TakeDown: Red Sabre will be in the show

BehindGames writes:505 Games has officially announced that they will be at Gamescom this year presenting their two upcoming games "PayDay 2" and "TakeDown: Red Sabre".

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Phene1753d ago

I read this has 505 games have been announced for reveal lol ..I was like whaaat

ATi_Elite1753d ago

I'm excited about Payday 2 but Takedown.....not so much!

Takedown has got surpass Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six if it wants to be successful.

Meanwhile Payday 2 did listen to Gamers and made many improvements.

fredpinta1753d ago

I'm checking everyday looking for the release date, how can it be that they didn't announce the release date yet when it's already August and this game is scheduled for mid august

Rivitur1752d ago

Aug 13 if delayed Aug 27