The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 53 – Real men watch Sailor Moon

"'Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight…'"

Our Pixelitis Podcast crew this weekend wasn’t ashamed to nostalgically look back at Sailor Moon, aka the perfect gateway anime series for prepubescent boys who hadn’t heard of Dragon Ball Z beforehand.

The crew was also not afraid to talk a ton about JRPGs, either. With a title like Tales of Xillia on the cusp of release, Earthbound announcements on the rise and Breath of Fire 6′s controversial announcement last week, you’d better believe that there was a lot worth talking about.

So sit back and be sure to hit the play button below and/or subscribe to us on iTunes. We’re on Stitcher Radio, too. If you don’t, then in the name of the moon, we will punish you!"

- Pixelitis Staff

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pkb791874d ago

I know I did. Back then internet porn on dial-up took ages to load.

cyguration1874d ago

7:30am... channel 20, five days a week.

Waiting an hour for a 730kb picture on a 28.8bps modem?

7:30am each and every time.

deafdani1874d ago

Back then, I had the good sense to print my favorite sailor moon images so I could safely fap to them in the bathroom without having to worry about loading times nor my mom walking into me. Yeah, I was a little genius.


wishingW3L1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

who remembers about Dragon Ball X and the Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball cross-over hentai? That stuff was like the first kind of ero-anime to appear on the internets back in the day. lol

I wonder who made that because it was super popular back in the 90's but to me the author wasn't Japanese. The designs seemed very western because they were very detailed like the ones you'd find on the covers of a Marvel or DC comic. A high quality western doujinshi.

BTW, my fav Sailor Scout was the lesbian blonde Sailor Uranus. But to be honest, I only watched like 2-3 episodes of Sailor Moon because I found it too boring, but I did play the SNES's JRPG and it was really good! XD

Highly recommended:

1874d ago
izumo_lee1874d ago

Hell yeah!!! Nothing wrong with loving Sailor Moon! 5 gals (9 if you watch later in the series) with short skirts kicking @$$ what's not to love.

Can't believe the series is now 11 years old (10 for western syndication) i'm getting old.

cleft51874d ago

I was too young to even notice the sexual aspect of the show, but I did like Sailor Moon as a show. It was a fun watch.

Pozzle1874d ago


Trago13371874d ago


ZeekQuattro1873d ago

I still watch the show on occasion. I own all but two episode in the entire series from the original all the way to Stars. No regrets. Sailormoon and Dragon Ball Z is what got me really into Anime. From there it was Gundam, Tenchi, Pokemon, Outlaw Star, Excel Saga, Orphen etc etc.