Killer is Dead is Selling Quite Badly in Japan According to Major Retailer’s Weekly Charts

Today Tsutaya the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya released its top twenty for the week between July the 29th and August the 4th, and it comes packed with a rather sad surprise for the fans of Grasshopper Manufacture and Goichi Suda.

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Scatpants1876d ago

Suda 51 games are all style and no substance. I'm not surprised no one wants to buy it. It's a rental at best.

die_fiend1876d ago

I wouldn't say Killer 7 and No More Heroes had no substance. Did you play either? But you're right, they both have a lot of style

zeroskie1876d ago

I bought Lollipop Chainsaw recently and it was really terrible. Couldn't get through it. Suda51 games have a lot of great ideas, but they're poorly executed. He needs to partner with someone that can ground his games in playability.

Scatpants1876d ago

Killer 7 was his only good game. No More Heroes was a mindless hack N slash.

Need4Game1874d ago

Moe & Huge Breast is near Essential elements necessary to get great game sales in Japan. "No More Heroes" for example.

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Abriael1876d ago

Actually, this one seems to have a lot of substance, but seems to have been penalyzed by the style.

Scatpants1876d ago

I'm sure the gameplay will feature plenty of hacking combined with a large amount of slashing. then maybe to mix things up you will have a super move.

wishingW3L1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

true. None of Suda's games are fun at all. The guy is just like Square's Toriyama, a mediocre but overrated game developer.

Knushwood Butt1875d ago

While I loved Killer 7, I've found it very hard to keep playing No More Heroes. It was a missed opportunity.

Also, what's the point of having all the weird and wonderful bosses when they only get introduced a few seconds before you have to fight them?

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UnHoly_One1876d ago

I've yet to see anything about this game other than the weird graphical style and something about "gigolo mode" where you can see through people's clothes.

Does anyone even know what kind of game it is? Genre?

Because I don't have a freaking clue, and I've yet to see anything about it that even makes me want to go look for more info on it.

I just don't "get" this guy's games.

Chaos_Raiden1876d ago

It's more or less like hack and slash game like No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise or Lollipop Chainsaw.

Graphically, I don't think the graphics are top-notch, and it is a bit mix of noir and anime-style cel-shaded graphics.

You might want to see some of the game's videos on Youtube before buying it.

jimmywolf1876d ago

not hard create account with X name, spam popular websites, rinse repeat.

it only takes few idiots a month too make it worth it, an with the millions on the web everyday, it not hard too round them up.

Chaos_Raiden1876d ago

Just played Killer is Dead a bit, and it is a not bad game. Not entirely great, but not bad. Like many of Suda51 games, his games are full of creative ideas, but lack of high replay value, technical issues, and some minor gameplay issues. So far, the best Suda51 game I personally think is Shadows of the Damned.

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