Nostalgia is OP, Nerf nostalgia

So Matt finally got around to playing Final Fantasy 7 again. It has been well over a decade since he left Cloud and company in their adventure to save the world and he was eager to get back in the saddle and 100% this puppy. As it loaded up, it felt so familiar, so inviting.

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kalkano1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I think nostalgia is overstated. I keep replaying these games. I just replayed Final Fantasy 1-3, and am now replaying 4. I plan to keep going, until I get to 10 HD. If it was nothing but nostalgia, I wouldn't be enjoying myself. The simple truth is, games aren't what they once were.

abradley1751d ago

Games are always evolving in terms of graphics, story and gameplay.

What we remember from the good old days is often the good memories we had with those particular games, not necessarily the great game itself.

kalkano1751d ago

Yes, but good memories come from good games.

abradley1751d ago

Kalkano: Yes that is true but not always. You can often enjoy a game because of how bad it is or just because it was laugh with a couple mates when you were younger. Memories are not just formed from a mind blowing experience.

Pozzle1751d ago

I think that's true. Notalgia-goggles can definitely have an effect on how people remember a game, but a good retro game is still a good game. I can play Final Fantasy VII or Metal Gear Solid and still enjoy them because they're solid titles, but I can't go back to games like Kung Food or Carmageddon 64 because they're awful games (even though I loved them as a kid). Though most of my best gaming memories come from games that are genuinely good, because they tend to be the ones that have the most impact on you as a child.