Metal Gear Solid 5 Characters' Physical Evolution Compared

Images compare just how far Metal Gear Solid's characters have come.

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Batzi1871d ago

it should have compared the MSX era with the PS1, PS2, PS3 and the Nintendo versions all together.

1871d ago
pedrof931871d ago

It's been since anything related to MGS V in this website.

ilikestuff1871d ago

what happened to ground zeros? was it like a place holder name for mgs5?

pwnsause_returns1871d ago

Ground zeroes is the first chapter you play in MGSV. Ground Zeroes, or in other words the point of detonation, is pretty much the setting where the war against zero and the patriots (or in this case, cypher) begins. In the recent trailers you saw what happened to big boss after he went on mission to rescue Paz and Chico.

It's pretty much like mgs2 and mgs3 where there was 2 chapters in each story

dcj05241871d ago

It's a 2 part game. MGSV: Ground Zero and MGSV:Phantom Pain. All in one disc.

ilikestuff1870d ago

ok cool thanks guys, im pumped for this game

Mounce1871d ago

MSX/2** Not Nintendo.

Batzi1871d ago

I know it is MSX2 and I was referring to Twin Snakes.

Mounce1871d ago

^ Aahhh....The MGS1 Remake. . .

Ehhn, I have it, but I didn't like its extreme-exaggerated cutscenes. As awesome as say, the fight between Snake and Greyfox was in the C4 room where you fought Ocelot for a first time.

But, still heavily exaggerated even for MGS standards. I heard Kojima even had to tell them to Tone it down from what they ORIGINALLY had it at xDD So it's like, he had to tell them to tone it down and the result is how we see it? Can only wonder how much further it was in exaggeration before he told them that.

Kurylo3d1871d ago

yea its called metal gear rising lol.

Mounce1870d ago

Metal Gear Rising isn't on any Nintendo consoles :l

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Septic1871d ago

Ah we've come a long way!

Mr-SellJack1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Now that's insane!
Ocelot doesn't look quite as epic as the other two maybe it's because he's young and his face looks like troy baker

Chaos_Raiden1871d ago

I am still a bit disappointed that Josh Keaton or Patrick Zimmerman did not reprise their role as Ocelot, or Richard Doyle reprising his role as Big Boss. Either way, both of them are still great characters and I am looking forward to their interactions in MGSV.

mcstorm1871d ago

Anyone know when 5 is out?