Blacklight: Retribution PS4 version to be shown at Gamescom

Zombie Studios have announced that Blacklight: Retribution will be shown at Gamescom.

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GraveLord1688d ago

Day 1.(It's free to play)

SpitFireAce851688d ago

Free game ill take it...;)

Wizziokid1688d ago

Played this for a little bit and enjoyed it, might try it again when it launches on PS4, can't complain since it's F2P

Ilovetheps41688d ago

I've played this game on PC since it came out. It is a great game. I've had tons of fun playing it and the community is still fun to play with. There are a few issues such as hardsuits just being overpowered in my opinion, but not many people use them anymore. I will probably play this on PS4 if I am able to transfer my save data to the PS4 version. If I can't, there is no way I'm restarting the game and losing all of my upgrades.

ATi_Elite1688d ago

people still play this? It was fun at first but got old. I loved the hardsuits LOL.

I stopped playing cause it got to repetitive and not enough new content.....and now I know why, Devs too busy making a console version instead of fixing PC version.

Ilovetheps41688d ago

Yeah, people still play it. And I don't know why you think it didn't get enough new contents. They have released 4 or 5 new maps completely free and they keep releasing new weapons/mods. They have released one or two new modes which are interesting. The new maps are really cool, and they are completely free in a f2p game. I think it's just as repetetive as any other online game.

Tatsuya 1688d ago

I look forward to try this on my PS4. One thing for sure, it's going to be fun. I just hope the playerbase can get on par with the PC numbers or maybe even surpass it!

hazardman1688d ago

Hey, Whats not to like f2p and running on PS4 power. Day one dll for me!

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