So, this is Iron Man on PSP

Movie games are a dime a dozen. For some reason, people don't think Iron Man will be different. While PSP Fanboy would like to be optimistic, let's remember that this is still a movie game. It would be great if it surprised us and was actually ... well, good.

Catch more of IGN's videos of the PSP version of Iron Man at

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kingme713904d ago

Looks rather uninspired on the PSP. I wonder how these game type movies can come out on every console and handheld and still expect quality? Just seems like they are going for quantity.

zPlayer3904d ago

looks like total crap and just the same as the next gen version. minus the graphics of course

drdre743904d ago

it's gonna sell 1.5 million copies the first week just watch.... ok ok I know that was wrong 1.5 copies in a week lol!