Life, The Universe, And Gaming: Taking The Necessary Precautions

An opinion column via in which the author explains why an air of caution is a healthy approach to a new game.

Quote: "It just doesn’t make sense to me to approach a game with all the excitement in the world, when it hasn’t even earned its keep. Consider if you will, getting paid to do a job before you’ve done it. That sort of concept, here. When you buy a game, you’re basically saying, “Okay here’s my money, impress me.” You’re not saying, “Okay here’s my money, I’m impressed already!” Unless of course, it’s one of those ‘shut up and take my money’ games the likes of Grand Theft Auto V or Saints Row IV, or you’ve read a review and have sufficiently convinced yourself. It’s one of two extremes that I think should not be a thing. The other, of course, is expecting a complete and total failure and being downright disappointed in a game before it so much as drops a launch trailer. This latter extreme is typically reserved for Call of Duty games, so let’s not go there, shall we?"

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