Nintendo raked in $4 million from 3DS StreetPass games

In one month, Nintendo has reportedly generated about $4 million in profit from their recently released 3DS StreetPass games.

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Kevlar0091877d ago

How much money money did Nintendo invest in these games? My guess is not much

Easy money, Nintendo doesn't even need to buy their own eShop space, because they own it.

cleft51877d ago

They said they didn't invest a lot of money or do any heavy marketing.

MoveTheGlow1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

These were done by mostly outside studios, with the best one, Mii Force, done by Good-Feel, responsible for Kirby's Epic Yarn. The others are done by other small Japan studios like Grezzo. Honestly, it was a brilliant move, they're going to profit from this in a huge way. I, however, can't play Mii Force at the moment, since my play coins are caught up in the racket that is Animal Crossing. :P

PSNintyGamer1877d ago

Small games like these could probably compete with IOS titles.

Pancit_Canton1877d ago

While 3DS is printing money. The Wii U is bleeding money. Money transfusion is at the essence right now.

Misaka_x_Touma1877d ago

so what. They can use these money for Wii U projects and get more devs and exclusives

koolaid2511877d ago

They need to work on the Wii U 2 and it needs to be better that xbox1 and ps4.