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Reviewer Shane Wall writes, "Two years after its original release, Tales of Xillia has finally made its way out of Japan and the world is better for it. I’ve been absolutely captivated by this game since first firing it up, easily playing through the night and only realising what time it was because the sun had emerged."

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Snookies121837d ago

Xillia reviews! Love it, can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.

sobotz1837d ago

I'm glad this game get a decent score

Artavasdus1837d ago

So far it has been getting only great scores, between English and import reviews it has a lot of 9s and 8s.

Ilovetheps41837d ago

Nice! So glad it got a good review. I have this game preordered in full. I can't wait to pick this up tomorrow.

Artavasdus1837d ago

Me too, I can't wait to finally play it.

belac091837d ago

pickin it up at 10 in the morning!

triggerxxi1837d ago

Such a good game. Definitely a must play for fans of the series.