Why is Ducktales: Remastered being made anyway?

DuckTales: Remastered might not make sense to younger gamers who missed the show’s craze. VG247′s Dave Cook explores the NES original and speaks with Capcom about the remake.

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yugovega1756d ago

being made because companies realise they can't make anything near as good as they use to?

when this game sells i'm sure other companies willfollow in ther footsteps. much cheaper to remaster games then to build from ground up. and those ground up games are rarely better then the remasters.

matgrowcott1756d ago

"when this game sells"

So what is Ducktails: Remastered doing that dozens of other re-releases from the last 7 years haven't?

yugovega1756d ago

releasing and remastering a snes game is diffeent then a remaster of a ps2 game. quality of 16bit era was much better and more difficult games in my opinion. rleasing a virtual console release isn't the same as this either. this remaster looks as if it's a totally new title instead of just a copy and paste remake.

Bigkurz851756d ago

Ducktales was NES, not SNES

MoveTheGlow1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Be careful linking all of those together. This isn't a re-release, it's a full remake with additional content. It seems to have been done with a lot of respect for the original game. To me, this is a lot like Bionic Commando: Rearmed (no, not that "My arm is my wife" game, the other one), which kept all the good stuff of the original and made a new game with it. And that game was awesome. Let's hope this one's done that well.

Contrast that with a bad remake, like Turtles In Time Re-Shelled (or whatever it was called). It was an empty polygonization of a perfectly great sprite game. Yes, this wasn't the original game, but it was just put in 3D, nothing added, charm removed, it seemed like... well... an empty shell. The polygon remake of Cave Story for the 3DS was the same way - retail-priced, 3D graphics, but not as good. The re-release of Cave Story in pixels with just a little 3D was way, way better for the 3DS later on.

Contrast that with an actual "re-release," like the Virtual Console releases or the recent Capcom re-release of the two D&D arcade games. Those are emulations/reproductions of the original game. Not much is added to the game itself, although online play might be enabled instead of couch/arcade machine multiplayer.

legendoflex1756d ago

Amen. Game companies turn to nostalgia titles when their expensive new games aren't selling. Examples: HD remakes, downloadable Classics, Wii in general

1756d ago
MAULxx1756d ago

The dozens of others may be well & good but, this is Ducktales! Wooo hooo.
Just watch the videos. I have to say Castle of Illusion looks great too.

UnHoly_One1756d ago

I can't believe people are actually excited for this game, but hey, to each their own.

I'm happy for the people that are looking forward to it, but I'll be shocked if it sells enough to make a profit.

fattyuk1756d ago

a profit?

how much do you think it costs to remaster a game like this? or even remake it from the ground up!

Not much by today's standards.

Can't wait day 1 buyerl

UnHoly_One1756d ago

I have no idea, but I just can't see this game being a big seller.

LOL_WUT1756d ago

I didn't get to play the original but hey i'm excited for it as long as it's priced right ;)

Benjaminkno1755d ago

The original DuckTales was fantastic. In my top 20 must play NES titles.

Summons751756d ago

Because the game was amazing. It had great level design and gameplay. Plus who doesn't love Ducktales? I understand if you didn't play it because you weren't deeply involved in gaming or your to young to know classic gaming but it is 100% worth the remake and buy. Same with MM castle of illusion. Now I just hope they do Goof Troop. Watched and played all those as a kid and now my daughter loves Ducktales and goof troop and all those old cartoons from the late 80's and early 90's (and I love rewatching them too and remembering the good days.)

Tres211755d ago

and darkwing duck & def a chip & dale

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