Jade Raymond: multiplayer is too "intimidating" right now, needs broader appeal

Splinter Cell boss sees "a lot of potential in terms of AI and performance" next gen.

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Need4Game1808d ago

Who is intimidating Jade Raymond?!

Septic1808d ago

See, stuff like this worries me. When developers start touting words like 'accessbility' or 'broader appeal' (I know she didn't specifically use that here) then it means that they are dumbing the experience down.

I know its a tough balance, trying not to alienate newcomers whilst keeping gaming veterans satisfied, but this current gen, we saw way too much spoon-feeding and hand-holding, hence the popularity of games like COD.

fsfsxii1807d ago

Appealing to everyone is why i hate the AAA industry.

Mr_Pinky1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Why do you need a "broader appeal". Multiplayer in games should be made in a way that fits the overall theme of the game, if they are too hard then tough the multiplayer is obviously not for you, thats where you'll find another game with a different theme which suites your tastes. Overall this kind of thinking is what will make each multiplayer in different games a little unique and not the same old "COD" forumula. Take the Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 3 example, U2 was simple, fun and balanced it didn't rely on upgradable boosters, weapon mods, killstreaks, paid boosters, loadouts it just went with the most simplest approach then Uncharted 3 comes along where ND say they want to take on the "big boys" (funnily enough later on after release they said they would never be able to take on COD...defeating the whole point of the changes), and look what happened Uncharted 3s multiplayer was terrible compared to Uncharted 2s. The sad part is they'll probably coninute with this in Uncharted 4, hell it took fans complaining on the forums to get a classic mode which isn't really the same as Unbcharted 2s but is a lot better then the normal mode in Uncharted 3

The thing is though about this is to remember that not every game needs multiplayer. Take the recent one, Batman, that game just didn't need it what so ever and I hope to god Rocksteady with their new game won't include it in their game.

ziggurcat1807d ago

MP isn't intimidating, it's just boring because it's the same bloody game modes over, and over again no matter what game you play.

deathstriker1807d ago

Yep, because every game has Spies vs. Mercs.

ziggurcat1807d ago

That's team death match, you twit.

Now go back under your bridge.

deathstriker1807d ago


"Team death match" is an oversimplification of what the game mode really is. It's first person mercs with guns going against third person spies who have to use stealth while they both go after objectives, which is VERY unique.

The only thing that comes close is the Batman multiplayer that's slightly ripping it off. If you think that's the same as COD or BF deathmatch then you have no idea what you're talking about. That's like saying TLOU is just another 3rd person shooter.

Who calls someone a twit? lol, if you meant twix, then ya, you can share the candy bar with me, thanks!

ziggurcat1807d ago

Spin it however you want, it's still TDM at its core.

Jdoki1807d ago

+1 for use of the word twit. Not used enough in my opinion.

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Assumedkilla1807d ago

Team deathmatch doesn't usually have objectives besides kill the other team. A big part of Splinter Cell multiplayer is going after objectives while trying to not get your neck broken nor get shot, so it's not a deathmatch. By that logic CTF, domination, king of the hill, etc are all TDM too, which is silly.

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