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jcnba281685d ago

Damn these look good, can't wait to play this in full 1080p 60fps!

yugovega1685d ago

agree 100%. very excited for this game. it's going to be neat to see all the tingle bottles washing up on shore. thing is will they appear on random islands or only on the onset island?

jcnba281685d ago

Pretty sure they can show up on any of the islands.

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bobacdigital1685d ago

I thought this was confirmed to play at 1080p at 30 fps... reason being they kept all the same animations from the original and changing them to 60fps would required a lot more work they didnt have time for.

jcnba281685d ago (Edited 1685d ago ) gend-of-zelda-the-windwaker-hd - runs-in-1080p-60-fps-new-trail e r-and-details

Just copy and paste this

deafdani1685d ago

jcnba: so, you want us to copy and paste a link to a website making a claim without providing any source? Because they just state matter of factly that Wind Waker will be 1080p at 60 fps, but they don't back up said claim anywhere.

Yeah, pass. It's people like you who spread misinformation everywhere, and in the long run, makes Nintendo, and Nintendo fans, look bad.

3-4-51685d ago

Found last copy in any gamestop of WW last summer, and got to 4th Dungeon.

My second favorite LoZ game behind OoT and if I ever finish it could end up being the best.

The music and art style are just pure classic.

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josephayal1685d ago

i cannot W8, I don't know how people can still say the Wii U will be a failure

Ilovetheps41685d ago

I really enjoy Zelda games. WW was a really fun game and I can't wait to replay it in HD. I wish it would have come out over the summer though so that I could have played it right away.

Relientk771685d ago

Wind Waker is amazing, my fav Nintendo game for GameCube

isarai1685d ago

looks great, but am i the only one that feels the more "3D" look of it kinda hurts the aesthetic?

yugovega1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

the gameplay is what made this one great more so then the visuals to me. they didn't make it over complicated. i'm treate this as a completely new experience rather than a remake. the original looked great this ones just different.

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