District 9 director regards collapse of Halo movie as the biggest stroke of luck in his career

District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp has cited the collapse of the Halo movie both he and Peter Jackson were set to collaborate on the biggest stroke of luck in his career. He has said that had the project not dissolved he wouldn’t have made District 9 and learned several life lessons along the way.

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Septic1841d ago

District 9 was an amazing movie. The fact that it's budget was so small in comparison to similar movies is quite a feat.

"“The luck is the fact that Peter and Fran let me make [‘District 9’] out of the ruins that were ‘Halo’." Kind of strange of Halo basically gave rise to District 9. After District 9, I do wish he made a Halo movie. The 'bloody prawns' were kinda cute, like the Grunts in Halo.

ATi_Elite1841d ago

District 9 was a great movie, I can't wait for District 10 which should have already been made seeing how D9 cost $30m to make but grossed $250m.

Wow Halo movie canned....Good cause I want a top notch Halo movie with the actual Devs heavily involved.

Halo and Half Life are two video games I looking forward to seeing as Movies ONLY if the Purchase Brothers and Valve do Half Life and Microsoft and 343/Bungie do Halo.

The Purchase Brothers Half Life short films are DEAD ON, they maintain the exact feel of Half Life and I want that same level of quality for a Halo movie or dont waste our time.

Simco8761841d ago

A District 9 sequel would be amazing I think, get on that Neill. It's already been 5+ years...he is still waiting.

lastofgen1841d ago

elysium is not a sequel to district 9.

PSVita1841d ago

@Die_fiend: Have you heard of a sequel?

die_fiend1841d ago

Yes. I wasn't saying Elysium was a sequel. I think you probably all know why I said it

FlyingFoxy1841d ago

It's not a sequel, i didn't even know about it until i saw articles saying it's a follow up.. That's probably what got you confused into thinking it's a sequel.

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christian hour1841d ago

I think District 9 by itself speaks wonders, the fact what might have come next for Wikkus and wheter Christopher Johnson was telling the truth was never fully made clear, leaves the movie open for years of speculation, theory and discussion while at the same time leaving us with a beautiful film that stands on its own merits.

Its very easy for the viewer to come up with their own conclusion as to what happened next, a sequel would jsut detract from that, I'm glad Blomkamp moved on to a new IP, and I hope he continues to take risks with the sci-fi genre in a climate where executives demand more of the same.

pabadamus11841d ago

In my perfect, alternate universe he would have done both movies. District 9 is an excellent movie but I still have my fingers crossed for the film adaptation of Halo.

Death1841d ago

There is a Halo movie on Netflix. I'm on the fence of it sucking or not though. Masterchief isn't Master Chief unless the same voice actor does him. I enjoyed the movie for what it was.

Eldyraen1841d ago

Other than not being on the fence I agree--I thought it was good.

It was far from great but an interesting approach regarding Halo lore with a darker tone than the games. The movie was more gritty and "real" and not just due to live action although that was part if it (more focus on realism and less on colorful Halo art style). I loved the way they introduced both MC and Covenant too (cool tease before full "reveal" later in the film).

Its a good film but excels mostly as its one of or the best films based on game material. It shows production and game companies can get a long but likely need a close relationship (343i after all is built to work on all things Halo and not just games).

pabadamus11841d ago

If you are talking about the Forward Unto Dawn series I did indeed watch and enjoy it. The story was not focused on MC but instead on commander Lasky. What I am talking about is a full feature 2 hour movie directed by a JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon, Neil B. or Peter Jackson focused on MC himself. I would even take Michael Bay. I would like something more than a webisode.

glenn19791841d ago

they should make a sequel of district 9

hariharan30dec1841d ago

Suited director for making halflife movie

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