How Killzone: Mercenary Plans To Be A Console Quality Handheld FPS

The design of Sony's PlayStation Vita suggests that the line between console, handheld and mobile games doesn't have to be so thick. The Vita sports two analog sticks, like the consoles that came before it.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1663d ago

I've heard amazing things about this game, and it renews my hope in the killzone franchise, after the huge disappointment of kz3

Steven211663d ago

Not sure how Killzone 3 was a disappointment. I've been playing the campaign to catch up for the release of shadow fall and I'm loving every second of it. I personally thought it was the most playable in the series. Only gripes are auto-aim and the voice acting is just plain bad.

xReDeMpTiOnx1663d ago

I can understand how casuals thought kz3 was good, but the huge majority of te kz community or hardcore community hated kz3.

Kz3 sp and operations were the only good thing otherwise I can go on and on about why it was disappointing compared to kz2.

But like I said mostly casuals will disagree.

-kz3 launched no custom games

- kz3 launched no custom music

- only 3 operation maps

- terribly unbalanced maps usually favored one side

- fully cloaked sniper with at and radar scramble

- c4 spam

- cod like perks

- low bullet variables compared to kz2's 20

Shall I keep picking this apart?

- had lower people playing kz3 then kz2 in prime time

- competition died so quick (so as a competitive player that was a turn off)

Think I proved enough

Steven211663d ago

Well there you just proved exactly what I said. I've only been playing the campaign and I've found it to be great. Multiplayer hasn't really sparked an interest in me at all. The story however has been a great continuation of the previous one. I'm not sure how casual gaming fits into this because the story is great and in my opinion that is what most "Hardcore" gamers will be interested in.

abzdine1663d ago

KZ3 should have been KZ2 and vice versa.. KZ3 has much less content and stuff to unlock compared to KZ2. just look at the KZ2 multiplayer and see for yourself how many things that needed to be unlocked.
I loved the fact that i started with a rookie soldier with zero skill and you unlock capabilities and skills and classes after each level. Guerrilla "CODified" KZ3, but the game turned great anyway, i just regret the lack of depth compared to KZ2

HakatoX1662d ago

casuals.... way to be a jerk and lump odd taste with shovelware.
throwing that around pisses me off cause I play games.... sure bunches of crap but still many worth the play. By your logic if I liked KZ3 I am casual despites owning all my og systems including colecovision and being part of the #1 clan on socom 1-3 and taking home 16,000.00 from socom 2 eseals tournament.

you have you sections mixed up

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izumo_lee1663d ago

Wouldn't say that KZ3 was a disappointment but it was a step down from KZ2 cause of uneccessary changes to the game due to 'COD' players whining about the controls.

Everything i have heard about KZ:M has been positive & that it would make Vita players forget about the abominations that were Resistance & COD.

Of course this article is from Polygon & of coures most of us are gonna be wary of what the final say this site will give this game despite this positive article.

baraka0071663d ago

kz3 disappointment? never heard that from anyone that played it

xReDeMpTiOnx1663d ago

Then you clearly haven't been to the killzone fourms.

It used to be so populated and alive then kz3 split the community and its been dead since.

Like I said most casuals liked kz3 but it was a huge upset to the killzone community.

They took killzone and made it codzone and it didnt receive well at all.

Don't get me wrong the sp was great but mp wise huge disappointment.

3-4-51663d ago

The video I saw, it looked like a GOOD PS3 game.

As in, there are legit PS3 games that appear to have worse graphics or Art Style.

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remanutd551663d ago

I've been playing the beta and this game if advertise it right = system seller, if i were sony i would start advertising this game ASAP, heck if they dont wanna do it alone they can add Tearaway and Batman to the mix and make a quality gaming on the go video. But is time to start advertising the vita, this game is an experience above anything else on any other mobile platform, is in a league of its own.

nick3091663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Not enough new vita games coming out.. And im not sure about this 1. I dont feel i shouldve bought a vita.

TheGrimOfDeath1663d ago

Simple answer for you, sell your Vita and make someone else happier.

Show them some Killzone Mercenary Footage and some other games.

sherimae24131663d ago

or........maybe you dont have one to begin with? ^_^

nick3091663d ago

Sure i do,i own all sonys consoles. 1ps1, 2ps2s , 1 ps3, 2psps and a vita. Im looking forward for batman for vita and tearaway. Any other recommendations will help, as i will not sell the vita as i am a collector.

Protagonist1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


Please sell your PS Vita...heck you are on N4G, yet you dont know what is going on.

nick3091663d ago

Nah im waiting for some games.

sherimae24131663d ago

thats good to know! keep it and you will see the value of it soon okies please ^_^

Hicken1662d ago

Don't be fooled by this troll, dear.

chestnut11221663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Your are talking about Preferences/taste.

If You don't like games coming into it, Then that is not we call "Lack of Games". It is a matter of Which Genre Do You prefer.

Just Because You Don't like it, The Other people would too.

Vita has a lot of Games, Even I can't play all of it.

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gijsbrecht1663d ago

The MP alone is worth its price. It's freaking amazing.

stage881663d ago

Looked up some gameplay on youtube and it looks stunning!

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