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After nine long years the much awaited Pikmin 2 sequel has finally arrived: Pikmin 3. In spite of the previous games’ rereleases on the Wii, a new generation of players will be exposed to the third game’s contemporary sensibilities while still trying to maintain the spirit and charm of the first game. This is effectively achieved by introducing new mechanics that are analogous to that of the original Pikmin, but doing so in a manner that eases new players into the experience.

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TheEvilWithin1876d ago

Well I can see why people don't know Nintendo has a new console out. He wrote for the Wii and not the Wii U. I guess if anything Nintendo did pick a really dumb name for the system.

I think with the next Nintendo console they might need to come up with something a little more flashy to get people excited and not just follow up with a letter behind the console name.

Its awesome to see though that Pikman 3 is getting great reviews. Might get more people excited for the Wii U and start to pick up some sales.

1876d ago