Atlus Shows Even More Signs of Recovery, Releases Comiket Line-up

With the auction to find a new home for Atlus well on its way and generating more revenue than expected, everything seems to be back to business at usual at the house of Persona.

The Japanese developer and publisher just released its plans for Comiket 84, that will happen between August the 10th and August the 12th at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center.

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Donnieboi1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Thanks for more great news Abriael! Your always keeping us informed about Atlus's fate!

On Topic: I'd do anything for that Balck & White Teddie shirt they're selling. Looks pretty darn cool.

Abriael1807d ago

And let's hope it'll be a good future :D "Fate" sounds so gloomy :D

Need4Game1807d ago

Great Game + Great Breasts = Great Revenue

Need4Game1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Persona 5 incoming!

Need4Game1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Great News

ApolloTheBoss1807d ago

When does the auction end?

Abriael1807d ago

before the end of the month.

MrMister1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

They already had the bid. So they might be narrowing down those who were already there, having a final bid amongst those who were the first bidders (at about the end of the month). If I took a strong guess, I would say Kadokawa bought them/or is the in prime position to do a transfer/purchase. They reopened an Atlus store that was closed for months, is owed the MOST amount of money by Index on Atlus's behalf (Index owes Ascii a lot and Enterbrain; Both of whom are Kadokawa companies). Kadokawa also made it known their plans to expand back in April, so since they produce and distribute games, anime's, music, etc, then it would make perfect sense if Kadokawa bought them (Since Atlus is also a publisher, they would be able to continue publishing like before since Kadokawa is a Holding Group). And with the debt they are owed, i'm sure Kadokawa was at the auction and would leverage that debt to give themselves an advantage.

r211807d ago

I wonder if this means someone bought them or they just recovered from their great sales.

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