Steam Sell Fallout 3 without Keys, Buyers Can't Play

Fallout 3 has been on sale and it seems to have sold so many copies that Steam actually ran out of keys so that people could actually play their game. As of writing it still seems people are getting error messages and are unable to access their new purchase.

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LAWSON721810d ago

IF all they are missing is the GFWL code isnt it still playable since people with the script extender cant even play on GFWL or do you have to activate game first to even do that, or do steam games require codes also?

matgrowcott1810d ago

Everything you buy on Steam has a key (or digitally at all, I guess). That key defines the game as yours. Each digital copy is unique in this respect.

Without having a key at all, the game shoots up an error message.

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impet251810d ago

Well good luck making it work unless you have a 5 year old dual core cpu. Lol

LAWSON721810d ago

Fallout 3 works fine on my quad core i5 3570k and my previous dual core Intel G850 (sandy bridge)

orakle441810d ago

works fine on my i7 as well.

Heisenburger1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Did you really laugh out *loud?

I hope not.

3-4-51810d ago

Yea the internet needs a new word or phrase besides lol and ha, because neither is very accurate in how we sound in real life.

SlapHappyJesus1810d ago

New Vegas runs fine on my i5.
I would have to think 3 would be no different.

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cyguration1810d ago

NOTE: This is not a Steam issue but a GFWL issue.

Anyone who buys any game with GFWL DRM should note that it has NO support and if you run into a problem that isn't resolved by some other party you won't get any help from Microsoft.

I've avoided all GFWL games after I wasn't able to play some games due to some unfixable errors.

This has nothing to do with Steam and everything to do with that piece of crap known as GFWL.

The same crappy service from the company that wanted to lockdown your console with a similar form of DRM for the Xbox One.

THIS is the kind of future you could have looked forward to on your home console. I've since written off any game with GFWL because I refused to waste anymore time on that anti-consumer POS.

SignifiedSix911810d ago

This has nothing to do with xbox. Off topic much, or just trolling to be annoying? And for one, I've never had problems with GFWL, but one time and guess what? Microsoft helped me with the problem.

cyguration1810d ago

WTF are you talking about off topic much? GFWL is a DRM service Microsoft uses to inhibit and lockdown PC games.

Good for you that they helped you and a bunch of other people don't get help or any sort of software patch to fix the broken POS.

That doesn't negate from the fact that the thing is broken and just because YOU got helped doesn't mean the situation is better for it. As this whole post wouldn't exist if GFWL wasn't a crappy middle-man DRM service to begin with.

SignifiedSix911810d ago

You sound a little angry. Did Microsoft hurt your feelings THAT much? jeesh.

cyguration1810d ago

$40 for a game and $20 for DLC that I can't use because of GFWL (the thing glitches so I can't save progress, which in turn prevents me from accessing any of the DLC) so yeah, I've got $60 worth of digital coaster on my hands and no fix. Worse yet is that I can't even use the content as a coaster like I could a broken disc.

If you've got parents buying your games for you then it's probably not much of a problem for you, but for those of us with a job and a budget to adhere to, stuff that doesn't work and a company that doesn't give a **** because they don't have to, DOES make me angry.

Eldyraen1810d ago

Technically its Fallout 3 GOTY Edition--I bought it and the wait sucks but its not first time its happened either. Its been a while and long forgot which game but not the inconvenience.

In the end though its a minor issue similar to physical sold out and waiting for distribution to catch up to demand. The difference is most people don't even think of cd keys working that way but its none the less true. Its also crazy to think a distributor would be given free reign over creating new keys as it has to be regulated or multiple copies of same key could be made, someone could leak a potential list or create their own ("pirated" digital copies), etc.

Consumers do have legitimate reason to complain I suppose but far too often its blown out of proportion. The difference between Steam continuing sales and a retail stopping is simple: with Steam its easier to guarantee demand as keys are infinitely easier to produce and distribute than say thousands or tens of thousands of any physical product.

With digital distribution though people have gotten so used to instant gratification when anything goes wrong they lack patience to see the truth of the matter. It is much more convenient than physical (most of the time) but not without a few hiccups now and again.

Poldovico1810d ago

Actually the difference is that when a game is sold out at a store you get to keep your money. Another difference is the key seems to be granted on first install and not on purchase, which for me meant buying the game and finding out 5 hours later that the keys had run out whilst the game was downloading. It's like you go to the store, give them the money, drive home empty handed and wait for them to send you a copy of the game, unless of course someone who lives closer to the shop didn't get it in the meantime. What I want to see is my money not being taken from me until I actually have the key.

Tundra1810d ago

GFWL needs to die in a fire.

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