'The Last of Us' tops PS3 chart above 'FIFA 13'

The Last of Us has retained its place at the top of the PS3 weekly chart. FIFA 13 is this week's closest challenger in second, while Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 climbs three places to third.

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GusHasGas1749d ago

I'm not surprised. Naughty Dog made such a great game. TLOU deserves that #1 spot.

iamnsuperman1749d ago

In a way I am not surprised as Fifa 13 has been out for some time now and Fifa 14 is on the horizon. It is a testament to how much us Brits like football if that game is still selling well. Don't get me wrong I think The Last of Us is brilliant (I gave it a 9.5 here in the user review section. My highest rated game yet) but credit should also go to Fifa 13

christrules00411749d ago

Lucky. I'm from Canada and I love the CFL. The CFL has better rules but the NFL has better players. Probably will never see my favorite sport in a video game. Lol

Williamson1749d ago

I'm Canadian too and love the CFL and enjoy watching the NFL. Nice to see a fellow CFL fan on n4g lol.

hazardman1749d ago

I love Nfl. Im a big Patriots fan and wondering if you could give me your personal take on Armond Armstead who they picked up from CFL. Good to see some Cfl players making easy transition to NFL! Im hoping Armond can continue trend!

shivvy241749d ago

There was a price drop to $20 here in Australia , my brother picked one up

Tiqila1749d ago

i am surprised fifa 13 was so high in the charts.

EdoubleD1749d ago

Nice, this is well deserved.

James-GAMES1749d ago

Naughty Dog deserves it they are best developer in the industry if you ask me.

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