PS4 & PS Vita Bundle Coming For 'Around $500'

Sony may introduce a hardware bundle containing a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita when the next-gen console goes on sale later this year, according to a new report.

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pedrof93999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

That would be awesome.

This would be quite a hit at Microsoft.

But then again this is a rumor, like the 4.5 gbs for the OS.

Edit : Its incredible stupid to conclude that VITA could be used an extra controller. Why ? That's because Vita doesn't have L2 & R2 or L3 & R3.

s8anicslayer999d ago

I can't see them selling the vita for $100 even in a bundle I can see maybe $150 - $175 but not $100 that is just absurd!

cleft5999d ago

If they did it, it would insanely boost Vita sells and make it competitive with the 3DS. They may just be willing to do this for a limited time in order to get their sales up.

blitz0623999d ago

They could make it $600 (so $200 for the Vita) but make the PS4 hard drive 1TB and *maybe* include the Camera

kneon999d ago

It's not absurd at all. The Vita is frequently on sale for $199 including a game and memory card. Their cost to manufacture is certainly below $100 so they can sell the bundle at $500 if they are willing to sell the Vita pretty much at cost.

And why wouldn't they? Sales haven't been what they wanted so sell it at cost and get the install base up. They wouldn't want to do that with standalone Vitas but for a bundle that's fine, they are still making money overall.

Such a bundle might very well tempt some people away from the competition so it would be a good move.

Thehyph999d ago

It's either absurd or a good way to hook people into buying the proprietary memory.
If this turns out to be true then I would not expect a cut on the memory cards. That would be asking for too much.
This rumour is somewhat plausible because ps plus adoption will be greatly increased come autumn, and the profit margine on those memory cards must be huge, especially since Sony already had the factories in China to make consumer electronics.

Also, this web browser (on vita) is not a great backup to my android phone. I would love an upgrade in the future.

Saigon999d ago

If they do this, I might have to change my preorder.

Pixel_Enemy999d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I love my vita. I have been playing it a lot lately. Just got into the Killzone Mercenary closed beta too and it is AWESOME! I have been hooked on Killzone since I downloaded it. I can't wait for the full game to release next month. It will definitely hold me over until the PS4 launches and I get to play KZ Shadowfall!

Ju999d ago

"Around $500" can mean anything. People tend to simplify. I can't believe it'll be $500...I can see $549 maybe and a price cut to $179/$199 or something. I can see that, yes.

Dirtnapstor998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

If they do, that would be a steal. However, keep in mind the cost of a memory card. The needed size to be able to play anything will cost another 50+ $$$. Downside.

ZodTheRipper998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

500 is too good to be true. On the other hand, this would lead to an insane headstart for the PS4. Also, Vita sales would be heavily pushed, so hopefully this is true and more people will fall in love with the Vita. (=> more developer support)

SilentNegotiator998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

It's either that or put them in happy meals.

But seriously, at least it would lead to a bigger install base and thus software sales for the handheld. Vita is not going to get anywhere with its current price and if bundling helps ease the pain of taking a loss, why not?

Syntax-Error998d ago

If they do this.....

O M F G!

That would be the most impressive sh!t since the donkey show I saw in Mexico

jcnba28998d ago

Exactly, sony would be taking a huge loss if this rumor was true.

abzdine998d ago

PS4+Vita for 499$!!! competition was over before but right now there is no competition.

ShinMaster998d ago

Then again, they did put a Blu-ray player in the PS3. Back then, Blu-ray players alone cost at least $400.

So that's a maybe.

blackbeld998d ago

Yep Absurd.

This is double KO and xbox the end.

brew998d ago

$599 with a 32gb memory card for the Vita would be good.

miyamoto998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

PS4 and PS Vita @$500.00 is a win win situation

PS4 @ $350
PSV @ $150

Gaikai will destroy the competition

TronEOL998d ago

Honestly, I agree with you. But I can completely see why Sony would bundle it in with the PS4.

According to Sony, the Vita's attach rate is really good. But in order for more people to buy more games for the Vita, they need more people to OWN a Vita.

So pushing it with the PS4 would not only put more Vita's in the wild, but it would attract developers to create more for the Vita.

Sony could only win by making this a temporary bundle. Guarantee it would be sold out almost instantly.

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ForgottenProphecy999d ago

but the back touch pad can be used for L2 and R2, and the front for L3 and R3. Even though I know it will only be used for a controller for certain games.

ravinash999d ago

My understanding is that you will be able to remote play most/all games on the PS4 with the Vita, so the controls must be able to work in some way.
So if the controls do work, why not set it to use as another controller?

iamnsuperman999d ago (Edited 999d ago )


It is all games with remote play (Sony is doing that not the developers this time around). The second controller aspect is being given to the developers to decide. So it is possible but unlikely to be implemented in a large quantity.

pedrof93999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Yes but It would be awkward.

TheUndertaker85998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

@pedrof93: It's already being done and isn't really awkward. The system is already in use for any games that support Remote Play.

Look at step six.

Dragonopolis998d ago

Yes the Vita does work pretty well as a controller replacement ...... Matter of fact its good enough that if Sony did a fantastic job intergrating into the PS4's design they could drop the main PS4 controller and call it the remote play bundle..... That could make a significant cost savings that could go a long way in helping to reach the $500 point.

..........Even if Sony didn't drop the PS4 controller they at least breaking even or selling the PS4 at a slight loss at $350 in bundle plus $150 for Vita equals .....$500.... It certainly is feasible.

.....Question Sony willing to pull it off. It would definitely be a fatal blow against Microsoft at that price as the Vita is much more useful and a better value than MS's kinect 2.0 at that price level. Even at $550 it is still a great value and worth the price but would not be the fatal bundle in Microsoft's heart. This new console generation has become much more interesting for the gamer than last and the competition this year between console companies is going to be a win win for us gamers.

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TomShoe999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

If this is true,

My response to Sony:

NeoTribe999d ago

Use imgur memes man. Theres so many adds on that page I couldn't tell what the meme was.

Campy da Camper998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

My biggest delima is I have a launch day ps4 confirmed at GameStop. If this rumor is true will they be available at launch? What if I switch it over to vita bundle n they don't arrive am I S.O.L. since I gave up original reservation? Hmmm...I need to get into GameStop Lol.

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GT67999d ago (Edited 998d ago )

now if this rumor is TRUE vita-ps4 bundle wonder how will MS counter-act on this latest news from SONY if!!! it is trrue.

HALO 5, kinect 2.0./Destiny bundle?? im guessing here.

ZodTheRipper998d ago

I couldn't care less about M$ response.

GT67998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

@ zod above
i dont care either i am a ps4 guy im only curious what will MS do if it's remotely true. im sure they come up with some bull-she-it

Peanuts110998d ago

Or play Halo Spartan Assault via Smart glass on your Xbox 360/One.

BaronVonRhett998d ago

They will throw in a Free windows 8 tablet for only $800 dollars!!! What a steal!!!

British_Knight998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Microsoft is after the hearts of hardcore gamers and casual gamers. Casual gamers don't play handheld games - Vita or Nintendo DS. I am a hardcore gamer. I'm overly excited for the Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, FFXV, Watch Dogs, MGS V, Quantum Break, The Order, Ryse (if Crytek alters gameplay), to name a few. A PS4/Vita bundle doesn't excite me. I don't have enough time to play handheld games. I didn't have time for handheld games during college either, so I definitely don't have time for them now.

Anyway, I said all of that to say, a PS4/Vita bundle would be awesome for some people, but I don't think it will effect Microsoft and XBOX One. The people who are going to buy PS4 will buy it regardless wether Vita is bundled with it or not. I'm buying XBOX One first and I'll buy my PS4 in late 2014.

Lastly, Sony would never bundle those products together for $499. Sony is in financial peril. They need all of the money they can get.

Darrius Cole998d ago (Edited 998d ago )


In reponse to Post# 1.4.2

I'm a "best deal for me" guy. But that clearly is going to be the PS4 this time around.

I already have my PS4 pre-ordered and nearly paid off, but if they do this bundle and at $500 or even $550 I'm getting the bundle instead.


If they do this that bundle will absolutely stomp the competition.

indysurfn998d ago

No no no you got it all wrong! Microsoft will add a painting of a controller right next to the go faster strips. And call it insane controls holographic image.

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Blackdeath_663998d ago

i thought that rumour has already been proven as false information by digital foundary.

HammadTheBeast998d ago

If you mean the 4.5 gb one, that was completely started by them and their "inside source" lol.

Sony and about 20 other devs had to put an end to it.

Apollosupreme998d ago

Controller: Depends on the game. A lot of games don't need to use all those buttons. There is a lot a touch pad on the Vita which is alright once you get used to it... Takes a while though. I'm a day one Vuta owner and I'm used to using it.

sarshelyam998d ago

The rear touchpad can be divided into quadrants and mapped to 4 buttons...L2 & R2, L3 & R3 included.

DialgaMarine998d ago

If you played games like Gravity Rush or PS All Stars, the touch screen and rear touch pad make up for the lack of face buttons. We've seen Vita do PS3 remote play just fine before. PS4 remote play should be no different.

Syntax-Error998d ago

That would ensure 20 million Vita's in a household

b00mFargl3998d ago

Who cares if it is a huge hit at Microsoft. That's just silly to even care. Celebrate the fact that gamer's will get a killer deal and expanded capability for an inexpensive option. That is what is sweet.

BaronVonRhett998d ago

The Vita will be used as a second controller because Sony is requiring that all PS$ games have remote play capabilities for the Vita.

fr0sty998d ago

@pedro, the vita does have a front and back touch screen that L2/R2/L3/R3 could easily be mapped to.

HakatoX998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

research moar.

HakatoX997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

awww stalkers at it again.
like a child throwing a fit. "I wont tell you why I look pissy. Im gonna make it seen."

absolutely childish.

and research shows L1 L2 R1 R2 are usable on the vita..... dummy

Syntax-Error998d ago

Way better deal than that $499 one that included a PS EYE

Prime_28998d ago

It kinda sad that sony needs their new home console to help them sell vita's :/

dcj0524998d ago

Its not really that. It's $150 off the VITA. That is robbery.

arkard998d ago

Like its kinda sad Microsoft has to make it mandatory that Kinect is sold with it, otherwise no one would buy it?

NeoTribe998d ago

Sounds better than them forcing it with every system and requiring it to be connected to your ps4 to run.

3-4-5998d ago

Nail in Microsoft's Next Gen Box shaped Red coffin.

For $500 you can get:

* PS4 + Vita


* XB1

* Vita can play most PS4 games as well, so not only can it play it's own games, but also those of the PS4 and the multi-platform games that will be appearing on XB1 as well.

That is, IF this is to be true.

XB1 will still sell, but if you go with Playstation, you essentially getting an awesome Handheld for free.

Yea it's $100 more than just PS4, but you would have paid that towards the XB1 @$500 anyways.

3-4-5998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Your right, not like there isn't a touch pad or anything that you can assign buttons to.

Glad nobody ever thought of that. !!

Mounce998d ago

The Back Panel can be customized so the Left/Right side are L2 and R2 respectively.

As for sure some control-tweaks will be needed if not the backpanel being used in a 4-corner button layout instead of being in-half.

Killzoner99998d ago

If this happens it's game over Microsoft. They're already screwed but this would put them out of business.

DJMarty998d ago

PS4 buttons can be remapped to PSVita buttons problem solved

Xer0_SiN998d ago

hundred extra for a vita. thats a fucking deal!

Xer0_SiN998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

delete. repost.