PS4 can prioritise download & installation data based on player behaviour

PlayStation 4 can dynamically alter the order in which game data is downloaded (and how data is installed off a Blu-ray disc) based on the popularity of particular modes or tracks, it's been revealed.

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Septic1807d ago

"Players will be able to select whether to install Killzone: Shadow Fall's single-player campaign or multiplayer component first, for example."

Ah man that's actually amazing. That would save me a lot of time alone if I was eager for instance, to jump into the multiplayer mode first. Definitely a welcome feature.

sobotz1807d ago

People already knew that from PS4 UI video

Septic1807d ago

Ah yeah I remember now. It'll be good though with the way PSN prioritises these elements. I'm more of a MP gamer so if PSN can understand that and download MP portions of games first, that would be really handy.

The Meerkat1807d ago

With so many rumours, half truths and misinformation it's easy to miss the real facts.

I wasn't aware of this, it's pretty cool.

ShinMaster1806d ago

See, now THIS is what I call a USEFUL gaming feature.


christrules00411807d ago

Imagine playing Battlefield online with your friends while having the next battlefield downloading in the background. One word SWWWWWIIIIITTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH LMAO

andrewsqual1807d ago

And all of this was described in the article by a DriveClub dev without using the word Cloud. Sweet.

JunioRS1011806d ago

Maybe I'll just save some hard drive space and skip out on BF4 single player all together... Lol who needs it? Couldn't even finish BF3 campaign, but god knows I ranked up most of the multiplayer classes to their full extent.

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rustyspoon801807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

What I want to know is, can I download while playing online. The PS3 stops downloading while you're online even on my fibre connection.

SirBradders1807d ago

Yes it has been confirmed.

windblowsagain1807d ago

I know it's a pain, but it's just to give you the best speed possible.

Upload speed is actually the most important when gaming.

OrangePowerz1807d ago

Installing from Blu Ray? I was hoping that was behind us.

christrules00411807d ago

It runs quicker off of a hard drive which is why games install off of the disc. The consoles are more powerful so games will install quicker and it seems like you can choose if you want to install multiplayer or single player first so once that one is ready to go your good. It'll boast the frame rate and stop things like texture popping happening so the games will look and play better then if they were just running off of the disc.

ravinash1807d ago

If you can play the game while it's still downloading and past a certain %, that I can only assume that the console can activly transer data from the BlueRay to the hard drive while your playing, so you won't be sitting through the install as long if at all.
Will just have to wait and see.

XtraTrstrL1807d ago

It does pull info off the BluRay and put it on HDD for faster loading. There will also be zlib decompression hardware. So games are expected to be fully zlib compressed on PSN & on BluRay to save space and reduce download time, and to jam more data into 50GB - then the data gets decompressed on-the-fly off the BluRay disc.

So, it's moving >27mb/s off the disc when that 27mb is probably holding 50-150mb of uncompressed data. So the BluRay's slow 6x is made up for, and the PlayGO really is being pushed along by the on-the-fly decompression hw.

DeadManV1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I Think I read somewhere that installation from disks happens automatically and instantly (so you can get into games quickly) - a lot of data is shifted instantaneously. Not sure about this but I will try and find the article.
Edit: found it: http://www.computerandvideo...

Cam9771807d ago

This is a brilliant feature!
The ps4 is going to blow our minds.

andibandit1807d ago

I find it a very convenient feature, "Brilliant" is a bit of a stretch for me.

Tatsuya 1807d ago

One of the golden features of the PS4, no doubt. Honestly, while it's nice to hear the fact that it will do this, I can't wait to experience it first hand myself. This will truly be a next-gen feature!

hazardman1807d ago

I like this feature and i know some are excited but lets not get carried away with so called " true next gen feature" its just a good feature to have. It isnt anything revolutionary!

Transporter471806d ago

Where have you seen this used before?

hazardman1806d ago

@ transporter. Its not about seeing it before cause i havent. But its not something im salivating about when i think of features on PS4. And that could just be me. I hate game installs of any kind so maybe thats why i dont care!

BitbyDeath1806d ago

This feature reduces the impact of installs on the customer. Should hopefully apply to patches, firmware and psn downloads as well.

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