Enegrizer gamepad chargers announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Energizer have announced Energizer gamepad chargers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Xbox One chargers come with rechargeable battery packs.



Apologies for the error!

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pedrof931835d ago

That is cool.

But the Xbox controller at first only need batteries.

Donnieboi1834d ago

Don't waste your money. The ps4 can charge your controller on standby mode. Meaning: while ps4 is off (yet plugged in wall), it can charge your controller via usb. Do research about the console your buying, b4 u waste money on products that don't actually need to be purchased.

Hexer10211834d ago

Glad that Sony was finally able to implement such a basic task. The 360 has been able to charge your controller while off, since launch I'm pretty sure. And don't forget about that awesome chord length Sony gave you to charge your controller...

WeAreLegion1835d ago

Nobody who approved this one thought to question the title? Really?

ala_7671835d ago

Did anybody noticed the Topic of this article is spelled wrong? ENEGRIZER?

Insomnia_841835d ago

My fav cbargers! I got the one for PS3. It charges two controllers like shown in the pic and has two extra USB ports so you can charge your headset or whatever. The thing looks very stylish and the lights of the controllers charging make it look cool.

MestreRothN4G1835d ago

But considering how the consoles will have power USB always charging, even on standby, this loses some of its great utility from this gen.