Lanning: Hey Buddy, can you spare some shelf space?

Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants president, shares his thoughts on self-publishing and the Xbox One

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christocolus1752d ago

I've always liked this guy. Hope he brings his games over to xbox one. The more the merrier and also its good to see ms agressively discussing with devs now on what they want...well done and the rest of the team are doing a great job.

1752d ago
Bigpappy1752d ago

Now here is a known HIGHLY TALENTED developer that is now independent. If this could encourage guy of his caliber to go independent from EA and Ubi, we might just see a whole lot more quality coming from the indie crowd. But I think, what would be even more helpful, is if Sony and M$ could scout and fund some of the more promising projects. Not with big $'s, but enough to up the quality.